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10 Valentines Day Songs New 2018

  • Will you be my valentine? 
  • I’ll be yours if you’ll be mine!
  • Meet me by the knotty pine,
  • We’ll go walking~ together!"

  • "Roses red and violets blue? 
  • Einstein’s smart and so are you!
  • Come and be my~ valentine,
  • We’ll be buddies forever!"

  • "I will always be there for you 
  • Just as sure as the sun will rise,
  • I can see tha~t you like me too,
  • By the smile in your sparkling eyes!!"

  • "Let’s go skating in the park,
  • We’ll get home before it’s dark!,
  • Sky is blue, the sun is shining,
  • When we ar~e together!!!"

  • "None can be a friend as true,
  • As the fr~iend I am for you!!,
  • On the dotted line I’ll sign,
  • And I won’t leave you ever!!!"

  • "Let’s go sailing so far away,
  • To an island where orchids bloom!,
  • Where the whale and the dolphin play,,
  • And the breeze is a sweet perfume!!!"

  • "Will you be ~my valentine?,
  • I’ll be yours if you’ll be mine!,
  • Give me one big high-five sign,
  • We’ll be buddies forever!
  • No matter the weather!
  • So happy together!"

  • "I’m going to~ make a heart of paper 
  • And put it all together with glue
  • And put it all together with glue,
  • To say that I like you!"

  • "Take a l~ot of love and take a lot of care, 
  • And put them in an envelope,
  • Add a wish that there will be much more we can share,
  • And seal them up with hope!"

  • "You mean a lot to me
  • I’m glad you’re a friend of mine,
  • This I hope ~you’ll see,
  • When you read my Valentine.
10 Valentines !Day !Songs! New 2018

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