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a Fibre Channel switch is a network switch

  • In the PC stockpiling field, a Fiber Channel switch is a system switch perfect with the Fiber Channel (FC) convention. It permits the production of a Fiber Channel texture, that is the center part of a capacity territory arrange (SAN). The texture is a system of Fiber Channel gadgets which permits many-to-numerous specialized, gadget name query, security, and repetition. FC switches actualize zoning, a component that cripples undesirable activity between certain texture hubs. 

  • A Fiber Channel Chief is, by tradition, a switch with no less than 128 ports and high-accessibility characteristics. It doesn't contrast from a switch in center FC convention usefulness. The term itself is gotten from ESCON Executives, for example, the IBM 9032-005. 

  • Fiber Channel switches might be sent each one in turn or in bigger multi-switch designs. SAN managers commonly include new switches as their server and capacity needs develop, interfacing switches together by means of fiber optic link utilizing the standard gadget ports. Some switch sellers offer devoted fast stacking ports to deal with between switch associations (like existing stackable Ethernet switches), permitting superior multi-change setups to be made utilizing less switches by and large. 

  • Significant makers of Fiber Channel switches are: Brocade, Cisco Frameworks, Dell, and QLogic.

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