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Afghanistan: Will there be peace and prosperity

  • Normal Afghanistani may treat themselves most unfortu­nate individuals for they are gotten in the whirlpool of one war after another battered by one dry season after another and turned into the simple pawn in the chess amusement being played by Nations, before the Soviet Union and now the England, USA. 

  • The extremist leaders of Taliban administration, had pulled back every single essential right of the general population and put the nation into a condition of medieval savageness and made it a safe have for the fear based oppressors. 

  • The self-destructive fear monger assault in the USA in Sept 2001, at the command of Osamabin Loaded and his kind constrained the Unified States to start activity against Afghanistan. The assault of USA on the Taliban with all its lethal weapons added more torments and obliterations to the Afghanis. Lacs of Afghans took protect in neighboring Pakistan, many Afghanis were murdered in the US air strikes and the ground war amid the assault. The annihilation of Taliban was welcomed with unconstrained celebrations of average folks in Afghanistan and it made the general population decently trust that things would enhance yet there couldn't be more awful bad dream than Talibans. In the mean time with the falling of Kandhar Osamabin Loaded took shield at some obscure place, an assention was marked at Bonn in Germany by assignments speaking to four adversary Afghan groups in early Dec. 2001 giving the war torn nation with a chance to go up against new life. According to the understanding a 29 part between time organization would control for six months when an uncommon autonomous commiission will gather Loya Jirga, the customary get together to choose a transitional government to lead for around two years until a constitution is drawn up and races are held. The understanding permitted a Pashtun pioneer to involve the post of Head administrator and 11 situates out of 29, to this ethnic gathering in the temporary official government. 

  • Mr. Hamid Karzia was picked the leader of the between time government. He is an Afghan blue-blood and a pioneer of the effective Popalzai faction, one of the four principle tribes of he pashtun ethnic gathering, that rules Southern Afghanistan. Mr. Karzai summon due regard in his tribe and viewed as a pioneer of new era. His dad Abdullah Ahad Karzai sered for quite a long while in the Afghan parliament as a nearby partner of the illustrious family. Mr. Abdullah Ahad Karzai was slaughtered by Taliban warriors in 1999 in Quetta where he had been activating backing for Loya Jirgato challenge Taliban run the show. Mr. Hamid Karzai, likewise slipped into Afghanistan in early Oct. 2001 determined to charm some Taliban moderates and tribal pioneers, was safeguarded by a US helicopter while a hefty portion of his partners were slaughtered by the Taliban aggressor. 

  • On June 10, 2002 the Loya Jirga, the customary Afghan get together was gathered to settle on the arrangement of the Transitional Power to run the nation for a time of two years. In acknowledgment of Lord Zahir Shah was welcome to seat the inaugural session of the Loya Jirga. The nearness of the ruler is required to plain conflicts that have been seen amid Loya Jirga before. 

  • Another constitution was uncovered in Kabul on Nov. 3, 2003 for Afghanistan. Afghanistan would from this time forward be known as Islamic Republic and religion of Afghanistan would be sacrosanct religion of Islam, devotees of other religion are allowed to play out their religious functions inside the points of confinement of the rule that everyone must follow. The Constitution accommodates the post of President and VP and two places of Congress. The draft accommodates political gatherings, whose contract don't negate the standards of Islam. It likewise perceives Pashto and Dari as the official dialects, yet with an arrangement the National tune to be sung in Pashto alone. The draft restricts any sort of separation and benefit between the residents of Afghanistan. The residents of Afghanistan will appreciate meet rights and obligations under the steady gaze of the law. 

  • The Constitution cherishes Ruler Mohammed Zaheer Shah, 88 years,"Father of the Country" however he won't have any authority political part and this title won't be passed on to his beneficiaries. 

  • The Constitution made ready of law based government in the nation and a climate of peace, flourishing and security is would have liked to win in the nation. 

  • Afghanistan reflects most discouraging social milieu. The social markers gives an infertile picture proficiency rate 36% just and simply 13% of the populace has entry to safe drinking water. Simply 12% of the populace has sanitation offices, future only 43 years and youngster death rate 25 of each 1000 kids, fourth most astounding on the planet. The maternal death rate is the second most astounding on the planet, 17 out of 1000 moms bites the dust in labor and roughly 16000 moms pass on consistently. The level of lack of healthy sustenance is as high as 70%. The ladies of Afghanistan frame 60% of the populace and recognized by the global group as the most discouraged ladies on the planet. The ladies were the most irritated and misled element amid the rule of Taliban. 

  • The current circumstance of Afghanistan requests a proficient organization to restore its severely smashed economy, restoration of the a great many outcasts outdoors in Pakistan and Iran. For the advance and success to win, the premier prerequisite is peace in the nation. A few activist gatherings as yet putting resistance and cause numerous frequencies of brutality, homicides, killings and decimation of property in the nation. This required to be ceased, so that the compassionate guide offices, can continue the procedure of restoration. 

  • It was the time when new constitution was occurring, each group in Afghanistan must understand that any endeavor by any of the groups and aggressor gatherings would again put the nation in turmoil and every one of the penances and hardships confronted by the nation will bring about common war. The races due in June 2004, had allowed to every gathering to statement if through vote based process. Every one of the activists and ethnic gathering must practice most extreme patient cooperate, keeping aside their own particular advantages for the advancement and advance of the nation. 

  • India and additionally other creating and created countries have volunteered to offer liberal help with the revamping and remaking of Afghanistan. India could help in an extensive variety of parts like working up a sound administration framework, police force,medical, instructive establishments and organization of fundamental necessities to the general mass. 

  • The USA has all around acknowledged and learnt a never forgettable lesson and has paid through the loss of WTO for supporting psychological oppressors like Osama. Presently USA has battled against psychological oppression anyplace on the planet for the dread of its own helplessness to fear based oppressors strikes whenever, anyplace. The new leaders of Afghanistan, the current warring gatherings or the volunteer army must understand that they can't get anything forever through viciousness. For the advance and development of economy, steadiness and peace is the primary necessities. The selection of Constitution and start of race process made ready now it is the subjects of Afghanistan to pick their preferred leaders who could give them safe, security, solidness, advance, flourishing and peace.

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