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An analog signal is any continuous signal

  • A simple flag is any persistent flag for which the time changing component (variable) of the flag is a portrayal of later differing amount, i.e., practically equivalent to some other time fluctuating sign. For instance, in a simple sound flag, the momentary voltage of the flag changes ceaselessly with the weight of the sound waves. It varies from a computerized motion, in which the ceaseless amount is a portrayal of an arrangement of discrete qualities which can just go up against one of a limited number of values.The term simple flag for the most part alludes to electrical signs; be that as it may, mechanical, pneumatic, water powered, human discourse, and different frameworks may likewise pass on or be viewed as simple signs. 

  • A simple flag utilizes some property of the medium to pass on the flag's data. For instance, an aneroid gauge utilizes turning position as the flag to pass on weight data. In an electrical flag, the voltage, current, or recurrence of the flag might be shifted to speak to the data. 

  • Any data might be passed on by a simple flag; regularly such a flag is a deliberate reaction to changes in physical marvels, for example, sound, light, temperature, position, or weight. The physical variable is changed over to a simple flag by a transducer. For instance, in sound recording, vacillations in pneumatic force (that is to state, sound) strike the stomach of a receiver which initiates comparing variances in the current created by a loop in an electromagnetic mouthpiece, or the voltage delivered by a condenser amplifier. The voltage or the current is said to be a "simple" of the sound. 

  • A simple flag has a hypothetically unending determination. By and by a simple flag is liable to electronic clamor and twisting presented by correspondence channels and flag preparing operations, which can continuously debase the flag to-commotion proportion (SNR). Conversely, advanced signs have a limited determination. Changing over a simple flag to advanced frame presents a consistent low-level commotion called quantization clamor into the flag which decides the clamor floor, yet once in computerized shape the flag can when all is said in done be prepared or transmitted without presenting extra clamor or bending. In simple frameworks, it is hard to distinguish when such corruption happens. Nonetheless, in computerized frameworks, debasement can be identified as well as remedied as well.The essential inconvenience of simple signs is that any framework has commotion – i.e., undesirable variety. As the flag is duplicated and re-replicated, or transmitted over long separations, or electronically handled, the unavoidable commotion presented by each progression in the flag way is added substance, logically debasing the flag to-clamor proportion, until in extraordinary cases the flag can be overpowered. This is called era misfortune. Clamor can appear as "murmur" and intermodulation contortion in sound flags, or "snow" in video signals. This debasement is difficult to recuperate, since there is no certain approach to recognize the commotion from the flag; enhancing the flag to recoup weakened parts of the flag increases the clamor (bending/obstruction) also. Advanced signs can frequently be transmitted, put away and prepared without presenting clamor. Electrically, simple clamor can be reduced by protecting, great associations and a few link sorts, for example, coaxial or bent combine.

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