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Announced by the Government on the Death of Renowned Personalities

  1. The primary reason of composing this article is to acquire light the mindset of the general population in India. The passing of Dr A.P.J Abdul Kalam was truly sad, however the declaration of the occasion to pay tribute and regard to the colossal man is very unimportant. 

  2. It is known exceptionally well that the general population of the nation with the exception of a couple will take this occasion as a fun or resting day as opposed to paying tribute to the considerable man. The general population around here don't generally mind who this extraordinary man is or was, however will express gratitude toward him, as a result of him they got an occasion and inspired time to have a resting day without truly paying any regard or respect to the considerable man which was the principle thought process of the occasion. 

  3. So finally I need to bring up that as opposed to proclaiming an occasion on such event individuals ought to be given a day work where they can come to think about the immense identities, their commitment to the general public and play their life as a good example in their work and accomplish higher statures as opposed to resting and squandering a day doing nothing gainful. 

  4. Indeed, even the considerable man before his passing said:- "Let there be no occasion on my demise, rather let the general population labor for one additional day". So taking in setting the above lines one might say that the occasion pronounced today was very insignificant.

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