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Apache Accumulo is a computer software

  • Apache Accumulo is a PC programming venture that built up a sorted, conveyed key/esteem store in light of the BigTable innovation from Google.[1] It is a framework based on top of Apache Hadoop, Apache ZooKeeper, and Apache Thrift. Written in Java, Accumulo has cell-level access marks and server-side programming systems. Accumulo is the third most prevalent NoSQL wide segment store as per the DB-Motors positioning, behind Apache Cassandra and Hbase starting 2015.Accumulo was made in 2008 by the US National Security Office and added to the Apache Establishment as a hatchery venture in September 2011.[3] 

  • On Walk 21, 2012, Accumulo moved on from brooding at Apache, making it a top-level project.[4] 

  • Controversy[edit] 

  • In June 2012 the US Senate Furnished Administrations Panel (SASC) discharged the Draft 2012 Branch of Protection (DoD) Approval Charge, which included references to Apache Accumulo. In the draft charge SASC obliged DoD to assess whether Apache Accumulo could accomplish business reasonability before executing it all through DoD.[5] Particular criteria were excluded in the draft dialect, but rather the foundation of business substances supporting Apache Accumulo could be viewed as a win factor.[6] 

  • Principle features[edit] 

  • Cell-level security[edit] 

  • Apache Accumulo amplifies the BigTable information model, adding another component to the key called Section Perceivability. This component stores a legitimate mix of security marks that must be fulfilled at question time all together for the key and esteem to be returned as a major aspect of a client demand. This permits information of changing security prerequisites to be put away in the same table, and permits clients to see just those keys and values for which they are authorized.[3] 

  • Server-side programming[edit] 

  • Notwithstanding Cell-Level Security, Apache Accumulo gives a server-side programming instrument called Iterators that permits clients to play out extra preparing at the Tablet Server. The scope of operations that can be connected is equal to those that can be actualized inside a MapReduce Combiner capacity, which creates a total worth for a few key-esteem sets.

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