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Best Feast of St Francis of Assisi Quotes 2016

  1. I Have Been All Things Unholy,
  2. If GOD Can Work Through Me,
  3. He Can Work Through Anyone."

  4. St. Francis of Assisi...!!!

  5. -------------------------------------------------------

  6. "St. Francis of Assisi was Hoeing His Garden
  7. When Someone Asked what he would do if
  8. He were Suddenly to Learn that He would Die
  9. Before Sunset that Very Day."
  10. "I would Finish Hoeing My Garden," He Replied...!!!

  11. St. Francis of Assisi...!!!

  12. -------------------------------------------------------

  13. "Where There is Hatred,
  14. Let me Sow Love.
  15. Where There is Injury, Pardon.
  16. Where There is Doubt, Faith...!!!"

  17. St. Francis of Assisi...!!!

  18. -------------------------------------------------------

  19. "It is not Fitting,
  20. When one is in GOD's Service,
  21. To have a gloomy face or a Chilling Look...!!!"

  22. St. Francis of Assisi...!!!

  23. -------------------------------------------------------

  24. "LORD, Grant Me the Strength
  25. To Accept the Things I Cannot Change,
  26. He Courage to Change the Things I Can,
  27. And the Wisdom to Know the Difference...!!!”

  28. St.# Francis of Assisi...!!!

  29. -------------------------------------------------------

  30. "#Where There is Discord May We Bring Harmony.
  31. Where There is Error,
  32. May We Bring Truth.
  33. #Where There is Doubt,
  34. May We Bring Faith,
  35. Where There is Despair,
  36. May We Bring Hope...!!!"

  37. St. Francis of Assisi...!!!

  38. -------------------------------------------------------

  39. St. Francis said:
  40. "My Dear Son,
  41. Be Patient,
  42. Because the Weaknesses of the Body are
  43. #Given to Us in this World by GOD
  44. For the Salvation of the Soul,
  45. So They are of Great Merit when They are Borne Patiently...!!!"

  46. St. Francis of Assisi...!!!

  47. -------------------------------------------------------

  48. "Not to Hurt our Humble Brethren
  49. Is our First Duty to Them,
  50. But to Stop there is not Enough.
  51. We have a Higher Mission,
  52. To be of Service to Them Wherever they Require it...!!!"

  53. St. Francis of Assisi...!!!

  54. -------------------------------------------------------

  55. "O Divine Master,
  56. Grant that I May not Seek to be Consoled,
  57. As to Console,
  58. To be Understood,
  59. As to understand,
  60. To be Loved,
  61. So To Love,
  62. For it is in Giving that We Receive,
  63. It is in Pardoning that We are Pardoned.
  64. It is in Dying that We are Born to Eternal Life...!!!"

  65. St. Francis of Assisi...!!!

  66. ------------------------------------------------------ 

  67. "Every Day He Humbles Himself
  68. Just as He Did when from from
  69. His Heavenly Throne Into the Virgin's
  70. WOMB; Every Day He Comes To Us
  71. And Lets Us see Him in Lowliness,
  72. @When He Descends from the Bosom
  73. Of the Father into the Hands
  74. @Of the Priest at the Altar...!!!"

  75. St. Francis of Assisi.
  76. Blessed is the Servant Who Loves his Brother
  77. @As much when he is Sick and Useless as when HE is well,
  78. And an be of Service to HIM.
  79. @And Blessed is he Who Loves His Brother
  80. As well when he is afar off as,when He is by his Side,
  81. @And Who would say Nothing Behind His Back he Might not,
  82. In Love,
  83. Say Before His Face...!!!

  84. St. Francis of Assisi...!!!

  85. ------------------------------------------------------

  86. "LORD, Make me an Instrument of Your Peace,
  87. @Where there is hatred, Let me sow Love,
  88. Where there is Injury, Pardon,
  89. @where there is Doubt, Faith, 
  90. Where there is Despair, Hope,
  91. Where there is Darkness, Light,
  92. And where there is Sadness, Joy...!!!"

  93. St. Francis of Assisi...!!!

  94. ------------------------------------------------------

  95. "All the Darkness in the World
  96. Cannot Extinguish the Light of a Single Candle...!!!" 

  97. St. Francis of Assisi...!!!

  98. ------------------------------------------------------

  99. "A Single Sunbeam is Enough 
  100. to Drive Away many Shadows...!!!"

  101. St. Francis of Assisi...!!!

  102. ------------------------------------------------------

  103. "He Who Works With His Hands is a Laborer,
  104. He who Works With His Hands and His Head is a Craftsman,
  105. He Who Works With His Hands and His Head and His Heart is an artist...!!!"

  106. St. Francis of Assisi...!!!

  107. ------------------------------------------------------

  108. "If You have Men Who will Exclude any of
  109. GOD's Creatures from the Shelter of Compassion and Pity,
  110. You will have Men who Will Deal Likewise with Their Fellow Men...!!!"

  111. St. Francis of Assisi...!!!

  112. ------------------------------------------------------

  114. Feast of St Francis of Assisi Quotes
  115. ------------------------------------------------------

  116. "The Deeds You do May be the Only
  117. Sermon Some Persons will Hear Today...!!!"

  118. St. Francis of Assisi...!!!

  119. ------------------------------------------------------

  120. "Remember that when You Leave this Earth
  121. You can Taken Nothing of what
  122. You Have Received,
  123. But Only, what You have a Given:
  124. A Full Heart,
  125. Enriched by Honest Service,
  126. Love,
  127. Sacrifice,
  128. And Courage...!!!"

  129. St. Francis of Assisi...!!!

  130. ------------------------------------------------------

  131. "Start by Doing what's Necessary,
  132. Then do What's Possible,
  133. And Suddenly You are Doing the Impossible...!!!"

  134. St. Francis of Assisi...!!!

  135. ------------------------------------------------------

  136. "Remember that When You Leave this Earth,
  137. You can take with you Nothing that have Received
  138. #Only What You Have Given...!!!" 

  139. St. Francis of Assisi...!!!

  140. ------------------------------------------------------

  141. "You Learn to speak by Speaking,
  142. #To Study by Studying,
  143. To Run by Running,
  144. To Work by Working,
  145. AND Just So, You Sears to Love by Loving.
  146. ##All Those Who Think to Learn in any Other way Deceive Themselves...!!!"

  147. St. Francis of Assisi...!!!

  148. ------------------------------------------------------

  149. ##"It is no use Walking Anywhere
  150. To Preach Unless our Walking is our Preaching...!!!"

  151. @#St. Francis of Assisi...!!!

  152. ------------------------------------------------------

  153. "While You are Proclaiming Peace with Your Lips,
  154. Be Careful to Have It Even More Fully in Your Heart...!!!"

  155. St. Francis of Assisi..

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