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Best Wishes SMS 2016

  1. There are those who dream and wish and there are those who dream and work!

  2. Good Luck

  3. ===================================
  4. Love is the thing that enables a woman to sing while she mops up the floor after her husband has walked across it in his barn boots.
  5. Happy Wedding Anniversary!

  6. ===================================
  7. I wish a wish for u.
  8. Its a wish I wish for few.
  9. The wish I wish for u is that all ur wishes
  10. come true so keep wishingas my best
  11. wishes are always with u. GOOD LUCK.

  12. ===================================
  13. Fresh air? fresh idea?
  14. fresh talent? fresh energy?
  15. i wish u to have a
  16. special Sunday..?
  17. marvelous Monday?
  18. tasty Tuesday?
  19. wonderful Wednesday?
  20. thankful Thursday?
  21. friendly Friday?
  22. successful Saturday?
  23. have a great week ahead.

  24. ===================================
  25. never say u r happy when u r sad
  26. never say u r fine when u r not ok
  27. never say u feel good when u feel bad
  28. never say u r alone when I m still alive
  29. good luck and best wishes for ever

  30. ===================================
  31. Tamannao Se Bhaari Ho Zindagee
  32. Khwahishon Se Bhara Ho Har Pal

  33. Daman Bhi Chota Lagne Lage
  34. Itni Khushian De Apko Anain Wala Pal

  35. ===================================
  36. With my 1 Heart…2 eyes.
  37. With my
  38. 1 Heart…
  39. 2 eyes…
  40. 5 litre blood…
  41. 206 bones…
  42. 1.2million Red Cells…
  43. 60 trillion D.N.A.’s…
  44. I wish u “All the very best of LUCK”…

  45. ===================================
  46. May you have all the the answers to the questions posed to you in life or in the exams!
  47. Best wishes for success and excellence in all your endeavours!

  48. ===================================
  49. Tamannao Se Bhaari Ho Zindagee
  50. Khwahishon Se Bhara Ho Har Pal

  51. Daman Bhi Chota Lagne Lage
  52. Itni Khushian De Apko Anain Wala Pal

  53. ===================================
  54. If life is a game, I wish you Game, Set and Match;
  55. If life is a journey, I wish you a walk on the rose petals;
  56. If life is a joy, I wish for you an eternal smile!
  57. Good Luck!

  58. ===================================
  59. The heart is on the left but it's always right. Listen to it.
  60. Have a hearty weekend!

  61. ===================================
  62. Beautiful flowers will be 
  63. PLUCK 
  64. i will gift you baby 
  65. DUCK
  66. when you are hungry eat some RUSK
  67. i am wishing you very best of LUCK

  68. ===================================
  69. I Wish 4 ” U ” I Wish 4 ” U ”
  70. Great start 4 Monday
  71. No Obstacles 4 Tuesday
  72. No stress 4 Wednesday
  73. No worry 4 Thursday
  74. Smile 4 Friday
  75. Party 4 Saturday
  76. & Great fun 4 Sunday
  77. “Have a beautiful and smart week.”

  78. ===================================
  79. May Be It Will Not Be Easy.
  80. But It Will Surely Be Worth It.
  81. Strive Hard And You Shall Succeed.
  82. Good Luck For Your Exam!

  83. ===================================
  84. I congratulate you both for your love and togetherness, and wish you peaceful and wonderful times ahead in life. May God bless both of you with warmth and care. Congratulations on your engagement

  85. ===================================
  86. As you start this new journey in life, may every day hold wonderful shared experiences!
  87. Wish you a very joyous and blissful married life!

  88. ===================================
  89. Plant The Seed Of Ambition
  90. And Hard Work
  91. Today And Reap The Fruit Of Success Tomorrow.
  92. We Wish You Good Luck For Your New Job
  93. And For The Many Achievements To Come In Future!

  94. ===================================
  95. You can spend
  96. hundreds on birthdays,
  97. thousands on festivals,
  98. lakhs on weddings,
  99. but to celebrate
  100. all you have to spend is your TIME with Wife!

  101. ===================================
  102. May you always find in each other the love, laughter and happiness!
  103. A very warm congratulations on your wedding!

  104. ===================================
  105. Marriage is like going to
  106. a restaurant your choice
  107. from the menu,
  108. And
  109. then look at neighbourin
  110. table n wish you”d ordered that…

  111. ===================================

  112. Ankho My Goror Hy
  113. Dil My Soror Hy
  114. Koi Mangy Mera Number To Dena Zaror Hy

  115. Q K

  116. Meri Shadi Abi Bohat Do0o0or Hy: ->
  117. (‘,’)>
  118. < )L L

  119. ===================================
  120. Old Year Is Coming To An End,
  121. We Give Warm Welcome The New Year,
  122. All Your Worries Will Also End,
  123. Wishing You Happy New Year !

  124. ===================================
  125. The HOPE, The STRUGGLE and The HARD WORK towards a goal/ success is part of the rewards. Achieving
  126. goal itself is not the whole reward........ BEST WISHE

  127. ===================================
  128. To accomplish great things,
  129. We must not only act,
  130. But also dream,
  131. Not only plan but also believe,
  132. Best wishes for your exam.

  133. ===================================
  134. A successful man is one who can lay a firm foundation with the bricks that others throw at him. Good luck

  135. ===================================
  136. “Dua 4 U”Ay ALLAH hm agr wo na kr skain jo tu chahta hy to hmain ye taufeeq ata frma k hum wo bhi na krain jo tu nhi chahta

  137. ===================================
  138. As u are about to complete your final achivement,i wish you all the best in it. may you be the best

  139. ===================================
  140. May the sun shine, all day long
  141. everything go right, & nothing wrong
  142. may those u love bring love back to u
  143. &
  144. may all the wishes u wish come true

  145. ===================================
  146. Nothing In Nature Is 4 Itself 

  147. Rivers Don't Drink Their Own Water 

  148. Trees Don't Eat Their Own Fruit 

  149. Sun Doesn't Give Heat 4 
  150. Itself 
  151. Flower Don't Spread Fragrance 4 Themselves 

  152. Living 4 Others Is The Way Of Life...! 

  153. Have A Blessed Day

  154. ===================================
  155. Allah’s Luv has no limit…..
  156. Allah’s Grace has no measure……
  157. Allah’s Power has no boundaries..
  158. May U have Allah’s endles blessings today & always.

  159. ===================================
  160. As rain covers the sun
  161. Truth covers the lies
  162. Angels cover the evil
  163. Flowers cover the garden,
  164. I wish & pray that happiness covers all d worries of ur life.
  165. And May every corner ov ur heart be filled wid happiness n $atisfcti0n…Aameen
  166. *************
  167. *************
  168. stay happy:-):-)

  169. ===================================
  170. With my
  171. 1 Heart...
  172. 2 eyes...
  173. 5 litre blood...
  174. 206 bones...
  175. 1.2million Red Cells...
  176. 60 trillion D.N.A.'s...
  177. I wish u "All the very best of LUCK"...

  178. ===================================
  179. “A Wellwisher is not 1 who meets U everyday & talk to U everyday
  180. Wellwisher is 1 who may or may not meet U but always prays for Ur happiness”

  181. ===================================
  182. I thought you could use some beauty
  183. In your life today
  184. So i’m sending you this greeting
  185. To let you know that i’m
  186. Thinking about you
  187. And sending some goos wishes your way
  188. May your day be touched with sunshine
  189. Your hesrt overflow with love
  190. And your soul sing with hope
  191. Msy everything in your life sparkle
  192. With a radiances that
  193. Comes only from happiness

  194. ===================================
  195. Happiness as light as air. Happiness as light as air.
  196. LOVE as DEEP as OCEAN.
  197. Friends as solid as diamonds and 
  198. success as bright as gold.
  199. These r my wishes 4 u today n everyday...

  200. ===================================
  201. Luck is yours wishes are mine Let's ur future be always shine. Best of Luck..

  202. ===================================
  203. Every sunset gives us one day less to live! But every sunrise give us, one day more to hope! So, hope for the best. Good Day & Good Luck!

  204. ===================================
  205. nice the moon winks at u tonight, 
  206. I wish sweet dreams embrace you tight. 
  207. Hope your day was quite all right 
  208. now I bid u a lovely goodnight !

  209. ===================================
  210. The HOPE, The STRUGGLE and The HARD WORK towards a goal/ success is part of the rewards. Achieving goal itself is not the whole reward........ BEST WISHES

  211. ===================================
  212. Never Say U R Happy When U R Sad.. Never Say U R Fine When U R Not Ok.. Never Say U Feel Good When U Feel Bad,. Never Say U R Alone When I M Still Alive...{Dedicated To My Friend} Good Luck And Best Wishes For Ever

  213. Nothing In Nature Is 4 Itself Rivers Don't Drink Their Own Water Trees Don't Eat Their Own Fruit Sun Doesn't Give Heat 4 Itself Flower Don't Spread Fragrance 4 Themselves Living 4 Others Is The Way Of Life...! Have A Blessed Day

  214. ===================================
  215. DUA hai k teri duniya me koi ghum na ho, DUA hai k teri muskan kabhi kam na ho, Agar kabhi TERI palko me aansu aye, DUA hai k us ki vajha HUM na hoon…

  216. ===================================
  217. Care for the one who shares with u, share with the one who knows u, know the one who MISSES u, MISS the one who WELL WISHES for u, Wish u all the Best.

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