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words essay on Dasara festival

  • Dasara is a standout amongst the most critical celebrations for Hindus. Every one of the Hindus living in India praise this celebration. It is a ten day celebration celebrated out of appreciation for the mother Goddess. It is likewise a celebration to praise triumph of good over fiendishness. 

  • Dasara is praised in various courses in various parts of our nation. The celebration begins on the principal day of the month of'Aswija' i.e., on 'Suddha Paadyami day of Aswija month' and goes on for 10 days finishing on the Vijayadasami day. Mother Goddess is loved as ten "Avataras" - 1. Bala, 2. Lalitha 3. Annapurna 4. Aswarudha, 5. Rajamatanga, 6. Vagdevini, 7. Varahi, 8. Parasakti, 9. Bhuvaneswari, and 10. Chandi. 

  • In the south, Dasara is commended for the sake of "Devi Navaratri" for nine days and evenings. Out of the nine days the most recent three days - Durgastami, Mahanavami and Vijayadasami - are imperative. 

  • In North India Dasara is a celebration to honor Rama's triumph over Ravana. It is a triumph of good over abhorrence. On Vijayadasami day all towns, towns and urban areas have a merry look. Kids, men and ladies wear new garments, say petitions to Durga, eat bubbly dishes and achieve Ramlila grounds by night. There colossal likenesses of Ravana, Kumbakarna his sibling, and Meghanadha his child, are raised. A ridicule fight is battled by Rama and Lakshmana on one side, and the devils on the opposite side. The representations are then flattened to ground in the midst of the cries of 'Ramchandar ki Jai'. Rajputs in Rajasthan venerate their weapons on that day. 

  • In Bengal, Dasara is praised with ceremony to pay tribute to Goddess Durga. Colossal Durga symbols are made and loved devotedly for three days. A few creatures are additionally sacrifised. On Vijayadasami day, Mother Durga is taken out in a parade with Devi Lakshmi on one side and Devi Saraswati on the opposite side. Also Sri Ganesh is put on one side and Sri Karthikeya, another child of the Goddess, is set on the opposite side. Toward the end of the parade all symbols are inundated in water. 

  • In the South 'Devi Navartri' is praised with grandeur and devotion in all sanctuaries. The sanctuaries of Kanchi Kamakshi, Madura Meenakshi, Kanaka Durga of Vijayawada, and Bramaramba of Srisailam draw in vast number of explorers. On the seventh day Saraswati Puja is performed. All understudies appeal to the Goddess of Learning on that day. All weapons and devices are cleaned and revered on Navami day. Autos, transports and so forth., might be seen completely improved on that day. Vijayadasami day is thought to be a favorable day for beginning every single new pursuit. It is said that Pandavas kept every one of their weapons covered up in a 'Sami tree' when they were doing 'Agnatavasa', in the kingdom of Virata and they reclaimed their weapons on Vijayadasami day, venerating the Sami tree. Individuals think of it as great to go to the Sami tree and go to it on Vijayadasami day. 

  • Dasara is commended in various routes in various parts of India, and it is a celebration of happiness for all. All consider it as a festival of triumph of good over shrewdness. It is a celebration appreciated by all.

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