Cypher (also known as Brainstorm)

Figure (otherwise called Conceptualize), is a 2002 sci-fi thriller film featuring Jeremy Northam and Lucy Liu. It was composed by Brian Ruler and coordinated by Vincenzo Natali. Jeremy Northam plays a bookkeeper whose expectation for a vocation in corporate undercover work takes a startling turn. The film was appeared in restricted discharge in theaters in the US and Australia, and discharged on DVD on August 2, 2005. The film got blended surveys, and Northam got the Best Performing artist grant at the Sitges Film Festival.Morgan Sullivan (Northam), an as of late unemployed bookkeeper, is exhausted with his rural life. Forced by his better half to bring a vocation with her dad's organization, he rather seeks after a position in corporate surveillance. Digicorp's Head of Security, Finster (Bennett), drafts Morgan and doles out him another character. As Jack Thursby, he is sent to traditions to furtively record introductions and transmit them to base camp. Sullivan is soon spooky by repeating bad dreams and neck torment. When he meets Rita Encourage (Liu) from a contending partnership, his life begins to wind up plainly confounded.

Rita gives him pills to cure his agony and bad dreams and lets him know not to transmit at the following tradition. After the tradition, Digicorp affirms the receipt of his transmission, however Morgan had sent nothing. Beyond any doubt that something peculiar is going on, Morgan takes the pills Rita gave him and finds that they work. Befuddled by what is happening, and interested by Rita, he orchestrates to meet with her once more. At the meeting, she educates him concerning Digicorp's trickery and offers him a cure – a green fluid in an extensive syringe. Morgan reluctantly acknowledges. She cautions him that regardless of what occurs at the following tradition he should not respond.

Morgan finds that all the tradition participants are spies like him, all reasoning themselves singular spies working for Digicorp. While they are tranquilized from the served drinks, plastic-clad researchers test, infuse and mentally program them. Singular headsets fortify their new characters, setting them up to be utilized and afterward discarded. Morgan figures out how to persuade Digicorp that he trusts his new personality. He is then enrolled by Sunway Frameworks, an adversary of Digicorp. Sunway's Head of Security, Callaway (Webber), urges Morgan to go about as a twofold operator, nourishing undermined information to Digicorp. Morgan calls Rita, who cautions him that Sunway is similarly heartless, and that he is in reality being utilized by Rita's manager, Sebastian Rooks. Morgan figures out how to take the required data from Sunway Frameworks' vault, getting away with Rita's offer assistance.

Rita eventually takes him to meet Rooks. When she incidentally leaves the room, an anxious Morgan calls Finster, and turns out to be considerably more bothered. He coincidentally shoots Rita, who urges him to overlook her and meet Rooks in the room nearby. Morgan finds the room loaded with articles which give off an impression of being close to home to him, including a photo of him and Rita together. Understanding that he is evidently Rooks, he swings to Rita in dismay.

Before Rita can persuade him, the flat is attacked by outfitted men. Rita and Morgan escape to the top of the high rise as the security groups of Digicorp and Sunway meet, driven by Finster and Callaway. After a short Mexican standoff both sides acknowledge they are after a similar individual, Sebastian Rooks, and hurry to the rooftop, where they discover Morgan and Rita in a helicopter. Rita can't fly it, be that as it may, having outlined it himself, Sebastian can after Rita urges him to recollect his past self, interfacing through his affection for her. He lifts off in the midst of gunfire from the security groups. Finster and Callaway remark as the couple appear to have gotten away:

Callaway: "Did you get a glance at him? Did you see Rooks' face?"

Finster: "Just Morgan Sullivan, our pawn."

Looking into, they see the helicopter floating and acknowledge, past the point of no return, the genuine character of Morgan Sullivan. Sebastian triggers a bomb, making the entire rooftop detonate. On a pontoon in the South Pacific Sea, Sebastian uncovers the substance of the stolen plate to Rita. Stamped "end with outrageous partiality", it is the last duplicate of Rita's personality (after the one in the vault was annihilated). Sebastian tosses the plate into the ocean and says, "Now there's no duplicate by any means."


Jeremy Northam as Morgan Sullivan (Sebastian Rooks) and Jack Thursby

Lucy Liu as Rita Encourage

Nigel Bennett as Finster

Timothy Webber as Callaway

David Hewlett as Virgil Dunn

Kari Matchett as Diane Thursby

Kristina Nicoll as Amy Sullivan

Boyd Banks as Fred Garfield

Marcus Hutchings as Jamison

Denis Akiyama as the speaker at the Omaha tradition.


The film got blended surveys. As indicated by film survey aggregator Spoiled Tomatoes, the film holds a 58% faultfinder rating normal from 19 reviews.[2]

Derek Elley of Assortment called the film "reliably interesting" and "100% plot driven" with brilliant exhibitions from the cast,[3] while BBC's Neil Smith contrasted Figure with The Manchurian Applicant, and saw sentiments of pressure and claustrophobia, as in Natali's directorial début 3D square, at last inferring that "Natali leaks his yarn in an Orwellian environment of paranoia."[4] Scott Weinberg, looking into for DVD Talk, prescribed the film, calling it "one of the best direct-to-video titles [he has] seen all year", noticing likenesses to The Framework, Dim City and the works of Philip K. Dick.[5] English ghastliness fiction essayist and writer Kim Newman, composing for the Realm magazine, granted the film 4 out of 5 stars, lauding Northam's and Liu's exhibitions and calling the film a "semi-science-anecdotal exercise in bewilder setting and solving".[6]

A few faultfinders discovered issues with the film's unpredictable account. Paul Byrnes of The Sydney Morning Envoy found that the plot overpowered the characters so much that he "ceased caring".[7] John J. Puccio, composing for Motion picture City, believed that "[Cypher's] corporate secret activities plot doesn't demonstrate essentially excessively confounded, it winds up out and out jumbled", however presumed that the film was by and by "still sort of fun".[8]

For his execution in Figure, Jeremy Northam got the Best On-screen character grant on the 2002 Sitges Film Celebration in Catalonia.

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