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effects of unplanned technological growth on our environment

  • Before beginning any innovative venture, it is vital to consider the long haul impacts of the venture on the earth. The impromptu innovative development in any region may irritate the sensitive adjust existing in the biological system. Sick impacts of the spontaneous mechanical development on the biological community of a zone can be highlighted by considering the development of Aswan Dam on the stream Nile in Egypt. Aswan Dam was inherent 1967. It was foreseen that the development of dam would accomplish the accompanying destinations: 

  • 1. It would keep the yearly flooding of the waterway. 

  • 2. It would give water to water system. 

  • 3. It would produce hydroelectric power. 

  • In any case, an essential point, which was not for seen at the season of development of the dam, was its impact on the common biological system of the zone. Development this dam irritated the agreeable relationship existing between the stream, the valley, sand and the creature populace existing in the territory. The evil impacts of the Aswan Dam on nature got to be distinctly noticeable inside a couple of years. 

  • Significant negative impacts of the Aswan Dam are given beneath: 

  • 1. The dirt got to be distinctly poor in quality (less ripe) in light of the fact that without yearly surges, supplement rich sediment was not conveyed to the banks of the stream. 

  • 2. With a specific end goal to feed the dirt, synthetic composts must be connected. Compost processing plants were set up to create substance manures. These plants expended the majority of the hydroelectric power created by the dam. 

  • 3. The channels, which were uncovered with the end goal of water system of abutting territories, expanded the salt substance of the dirt. This required desalination of the dirt. 

  • 4. Just inside three years, there was 97 for every penny diminish in the Sardine downstream in the stream was caught by the supply. Because of the absence of supplements, the fish populace in the waterway diminished which brought about lessening of fish catch. 

  • In perspective of such a variety of unfriendly impacts, researchers understood that the Aswan Dam had proclaimed a biological catastrophe.

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