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essay on All Habits are Bad

  1. Inspite of the acclaim gave on man for his efficiency, he is no superior to the gramaphone record which has its esteem when it can be played on a stereo. They don't have the simplicity and fresh­ness of a road artist who in his opportunity can strive with the winged animals that can peep on any branch and that does not require the unfathomable region of the sky as the skylark does. Poor men of propensities bear a dead weight their necks—weight that checks their flight and free­dom. They may take pride in it however their smothered soul years for flexibility. 

  2. Propensity is a hard drill sergeant ; we can't conflict with its manages without turning into a casualty of fatigue and uneasiness. A grown-up in the propensity for getting up with the morning star would be uneasy in his seat in the event that he happens to be in a plane around then. Thus individuals given to diligent work think that its hard to take a break on an occasion. 

  3. The individuals who say : "Propensity is awesome oil, it is an incredible help" have lost their soul of experience. They cherish ease yet miss the charms which spill out of confusion. Propensity makes us mechanical though experience needs valor and results in excite. It keeps us occupied and along these lines we overlook ourselves at any rate for quite a while. 

  4. Some may surmise that propensities give us a harbor in life ; without them the youthful will be rudderless ship helpless before wanton streams of time. The activities of such a man will be un­predictable and wayward However propensities make us like stagnant waters which can't stream with the ebbs and flows of time. In this quick changing world anybody attached to even socially affirmed propensities, will get to be distinctly immaterial thus futile. They will end up strange in the public arena. 

  5. It is accurately said that even great custom ruins the general public. "Whenever custom—a social propensity—is clung to religiously we can keep the general public going however no change can be achieved. Propensities cut out the forms which decide our reasoning and activities. 

  6. In any case, the propensity for doing a thing at the correct minute helps us spare time, vitality and an open deliberation in our psyche. Each one must be the slave of one's propensities. A maverick is likewise an icon admirer things he doesn't know about it. Propensity is a kind of mental preparing which prompts adjust reflexive activity ; as the fingers of a skilled typist or that of a quintessential humorist all the more so do the mental harmonies under the effect of propensity. The time that we subsequently spare in intuition can be used for other useful purposes. So all propensities might be terrible however managed life is conceivable just with their offer assistance.

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