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essay on the art of Flattery

  1. Man thinks a lot of himself and his thoughts on the grounds that a com­mon man is egotistical. That is the reason brown nosers have dependably been an achievement in this world. There used to be brown nosers in the courts and there are toadies even in our everyday life. One can win the support of others by applauding the qualities which the other man has or toy satisfying the excellence, the woman has. On the off chance that a man can play round the shortcomings of the other man, it is simple for him to win his support. 

  2. Brown noser needs a total control over the one's desire. One can't applaud others till he has vanquished his own assessments and he can talk by slaughtering one's still, small voice. A man who be­littles himself can think about the enormity of others. Then again a man who has genuine thanks for the qualities will express them in a true way. 

  3. Honeyed words is a workmanship in light of the fact that till a man has a sweet tongue one can't compliment others. The man must chat with sugar-covered words. He should concur what alternate says and he should snicker in the event that he splits a joke. Also, one can creep into other's affections just in the event that one talks what alternate anticipates that him will talk. The minute a man contradicts another man feels furious thus bootlicking is a craftsmanship since one needs to utilize the most unexpected dialect to applaud the other individual. In the event that an easygoing unfriendly comment is made the interest is totally lost. On the off chance that a man does not attempt to act in the way as others anticipate that him will, he can't feel complimented. In the hearts of hearts one feels cheerful when somebody adulates his qualities. It is human weak­ness that the individual likes his acclaim. Somebody would compliment the other by reprimanding his adversary, while another would laud his decision and still another would prescribe his thought. In political life this sort of honeyed words pays a great deal. 

  4. Specialty of sweet talk needs a decent learning of the working of the psyche of the other individual. On the off chance that one can't think what alternate has in his mind it is troublesome for one to commend or to compliment him. So a brown noser should dependably be a decent analyst. Not very many individuals can oppose blandishment since when they discover their qualities commended they begin supposing they are better than others. This predominance complex fulfills their conscience. They feel that no other individual can come up to them. As a consequence of it they do whatever one requests that they do. 

  5. Fattery is a troublesome workmanship to rehearse. In the event that it crosses the utmost, it gets to be distinctly unsafe in light of the fact that the other individual won't acknowledge it. On the off chance that it misses the mark then the reason for it won't be served. So it needs an extremely adjusted approach towards the other individual. In the present day world we live by focusing our think round belief system ; the acclaim of one's insightfulness or philosophy has turned into the regular strategy for complimenting others. So honeyed words is an a craftsmanship which gives a great deal of energy to the man over others.

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