essay on If I Were a Rose

  1. A rose is known to be a standout amongst the most wonderful of blooms made by God. It has the double fortunes to being excellent and appealing furthermore has a? Aroma in it, which it spreads wherever it might exist. 

  2. On the off chance that I were a rose, I am certain I would be extremely pleased with exceptionally presence realizing that I have magnificence and scent! What's more, that, I am among the most friends and family of the types of blossoms. On the off chance that I were a rose, I would be exceptionally cheerful and pleased at the same time, then, I would be deprived of seeing myself. 

  3. Obviously the general population coming to respect me and my other associate would fill my ears with all the acclaim for me and, I would doubtlessly trust it all - they would serve me as reflections of my magnificence. 

  4. When, I'd hear surrounding me commendations of me, I would bounce with joy however, nobody would see me in my snapshots of satisfaction this I know since, man does not have the fine vision of seeing through blooms for their exceptional emotions. 

  5. I would stand detached from every other blossom in a garden-and when individuals would see me and alternate blooms, I set out say I would be the desirous one for, I would ask why the spectators were saving even a look for different blooms when I in all my glory remain before them? 

  6. In spite of the fact that this would be an extremely narrow minded thought and state of mind at the same time, after all it is regular. By what means can any one oppose the sentiment one up when one is persuaded that he/she is one up? Don't you concur? When I realize that I am the most attractive bloom in the garden, by what means would it be advisable for me to not be desirous of individuals seeing others in my nearness? 

  7. In any case, nowadays of my grandness and pride would be brief and not keep going forever. I realize that, all life needs beyond words.

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