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essay on National calamities

  1. National Catastrophes are those disasters which frequently happen wherever on the planet when God's fierceness appears in changed ways. In any National Cataclysm, nature's components seem to get totally wild and demonstrate their outrage on man and his reality, and the outcome is debacle for man, and his property. 

  2. Mother demonstrates its rage on man by an assortment of means, they being seismic tremors, volcanoes. Water demonstrates outrage by method for surges and twist comes in all its wonderfulness by method for a tornado. 

  3. In this way we see that, every component of nature which keeps an eye on in his survival, likewise demonstrates its fierceness in various ways, and the consequence of each is debacle of some greatness, enormous or little. 

  4. In these ways the components pulverize unaccounted man and material, and portray to man in no questionable terms that, nature dislikes to be abused or over strained. In addition, it is these tragedies that likewise indicate man how powerless despite everything he is, in nowadays of mechanical progression. 

  5. These happenings are called normal catastrophes since they demonstrate man that however he is very cutting-edge on the way of controlling nature and catching it. Nature is still in front of man. It gives a befitting answer to man for his oppression every once in a while. Indeed, even with the most refined mechanical gadgets, man is still a long ways behind his objective of subduing nature. 

  6. Man has no deliver these disasters at the same time, in the event that he is somewhat more ready and cautious and predicts the occasion, he can help in at any rate minimizing the misfortunes. On a seismic tremor and a fountain of liquid magma, man has positively no control, and there is additionally no chance to get by which man can predict the event. It is just surge that man can anticipate and avoid potential risk. 

  7. The making of extensions and dams would clearly diminish the misfortunes that surges cause, and the water will likewise be used when required. As to a tornado additionally, man can to some degree envision the destruction it might make as the winds, their course and speed can be surveyed reasonably precisely well before the occasion. 

  8. At the point when a surge or a tornado is normal, the towns and little settlements close to the approach of these can be emptied well in time, and lives of men and steers and property be spared. 

  9. In spite of the fact that man has genuinely accomplished a considerable measure of progress in sparing himself from the fierceness of these components of nature, they can never be totally controlled and rejected as non­existent. This reality man ought to plainly comprehend and in any event to some degree offer into nature by not aggravating it. 

  10. As it were, man has prevailing with regards to warding off the risks of these catastrophes yet it is boisterous and clear for man to comprehend that, the concealed hand can in any case slap a few tragedies on man's earth by method for some unanticipated calamities.

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