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Essay on Religion in Our Daily Life

  • Religion has been an integral part of human life since time immemorial. Religion speaks to an incredible arrangement of human thought. Religion is the dominating impact over the lead of our lives. 

  • Religion endeavors to scan for a more profound intending to life, to discover certainties about the universe, about the laws of nature; Religion has been in our fragile living creature and blood since relic. Despite the fact that science has prospered today, and science is straightforwardly contradicted to religion, even so religion has not lost its centrality, since science is outside the ability to grasp of numerous, and religious patterns are anything but difficult to persuade, to be understood. 

  • People are on a very basic level religious even in the industrialized West, religion molds human instinct. Religion has been institution­alized. Sacred zed and politicized today. It has been directed into vicious clash, savage brutality. 

  • The bloodstained history of religious clash give us a sign disdain the conventional religions that are ethically bankrupt, degenerate. Religion has thwarted the reasoning of all inclusive crew. Religion has brought on many classes, races, wars. One gathering of a religion restricts another. Along these lines, there is Catholicism and Protestantism. Religion has lost its drive today. It kills the not too bad conduct of people today.

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