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Essay on a summer day in India

  • Like most men, I fear warm. Once on an outstandingly hot day, I needed to stay out of entryways on business. I began at eight in the morning, when the warmth was to some degree tolerable. I thought I would complete whatever I needed to do before it got agonizingly hot. In any case, oh! I had not considered the obstacle that was to precede me. Each progression tossed me behind calendar. At twelve, exhausted and hopeless, regardless I wound up out and about. 

  • My garments got wet with sweat because of exorbitant warmth and I needed to drink water like a fish. 

  • I thought to revive myself with some cool drink. I entered an eatery. I requested a chilly drink and the bearers there more likely than not taken me for a lunatic as they watched me devour around four or five glasses of it. You can't envision how much calm I felt inside that aerated and cooled eatery. I practically considered taking a seat there for whatever is left of the day, yet I needed to move out to complete my work for the day. 

  • Once out and about, without precedent for the day, I saw a man who was stuck in an unfortunate situation than myself and who looked more uneasy than me. He was a bare headed moderately aged man. As he came I saw regrettably that he ran with a package on his head. I can't state whether he really went frantic when he achieved home. It made me practically anxious when I understood that my condition was very little better. The following thing I did was to take a transport to return home. 

  • That day I spent in damnation. Following day I read in the daily paper that a man had kicked the bucket because of warmth. Such was the force of summer.

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