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Evil Heart of Unbelief

  1. What can shield you from entering whatever is left of God? Will you permit it? There remains a rest for all who will persevere till the end. The prize for continuing till the end is awesome so likewise the outcome of not persisting till the end. Strangely, what you get toward the end is YOUR decision. This article stresses heart of unbelief as what will frustrate you from entering whatever remains of God and urges you to stop it before it stops you. 

  2. In this manner I was furious with that era, and stated, 'They generally go off to some far away place in their heart, and they have not known My ways.' So I swore in My fierceness, 'They should not enter My rest.' Be careful, brethren, keeping in mind that there be in any of you a malevolent heart of unbelief in leaving from the living God... So we see that they couldn't enter in view of unbelief - Jews 3:10-19 (NKJV). 

  3. For God so adored the world that He gave His lone generated Child, that whoever puts stock in Him ought not die but rather have everlasting life - John 3:16 (NKJV). 

  4. God is setting up a place for all who have faith in His child, who walk, not as indicated by the manages of this world, but rather as per God's standards (Romans 8:1,5). The primary guideline being that you ought not harbor unbelief in your heart, God calls it 'underhanded'! It is detestable to uncertainty God's words for your regular day to day existence, not to put stock in His Child, or not to trust that what He said is the thing that will happen. 

  5. At whatever point you hear God's voice while perusing the sacred writings, tuning in to ministers and educators, and declarations, or watching Christian motion pictures, the Master rebukes that you ought not solidify your heart and have a detestable heart of unbelief. You are to trust that it is God addressing you (1 Thessalonians 2:13) and applying it instantly in your life. You are not to reason out how it could be or how it will happen (Adages 3:5-7), that is not your part to do or your duty. Your part is to trust it till the end, wrap up. 

  6. Hold unto God's oath till the end, He never comes up short. You can never show improvement over God regardless of the possibility that you attempted, you will just aggravate your issues or issues by being astute in your own eyes. Give up and let God. In Occupation 14:14, Employment said he would hold up till his change comes. Did his change come? Without a doubt it did. He declined to sin against God and God changed his story and his last end was superior to his previous. 

  7. Likewise, in Daniel 3, the three Hebrew young men held unto God to convey them till the end and God conveyed them. They were prepared to trust God till the end regardless of the possibility that it implied them passing on; that is the mentality God needs you to have - really trusting God to the end regardless of the possibility that it will cost you your life, not having any iota of uncertainty in your heart. 

  8. Individuals fail in their souls since God's words are lacking in their souls thus sin beguiles them and breeds unbelief in them. You keep unbelief a long way from you by stacking yourself with God's words and obeying them. You are to do precisely what God says you ought to do, not including or subtracting anything. As Mary taught the hirelings, 'whatever He instructs you to do, do it'. The hirelings complied. They filled the pot with water, and drew from a similar pot and gave the ace of function, posing no questions. In acquiescence to the Ruler's guidelines (which was 'un-consider' in the psyches of men), the workers saw a wonder (John 2:1-11)! 

  9. All in all, there is interminable rest arranged for you, however you are the person who chooses whether to enter or not. Regarding to God's words, regardless, will get you into this rest. Choose today to take after Christ like a sheep, addressing nothing, having no shrewd heart of unbelief and you will see the transcendence of God upon your life.

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