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failure of redistribution of land in India

  • The disappointment of land redistribution program brought about a biased conveyance of land in the town economy and emphasizd the hole between the rich and poor people. The accompanying are the outcome of such a disappointment. 

  • (i) Neediness and hardship : 

  • Land is the greatest gainful resource in the wide open. The unequal conveyance of land, in this manner, brought about centralization of land in a couple hands, while a substantial number of individuals were landless and without having any gainful advantage for draw in themselves. As indicated by 1991 registration, 74.6 million individuals are landless workers having no land to develop. Encourage, they don't get normal work especially amid the incline seasons. All these have brought about mass neediness and hardship from a base way of life. 

  • (ii) Unemployment and Under-business: 

  • Countless in the provincial regions are landless. They don't discover any road to connect with themselves amid the year. These landless workers and minor ranchers stay unemployed as farming has gotten to be stuffed. Amid the slack seasons these individuals sit out of gear and are unemployed and under-utilized. 

  • (iii) Disparity of Riches and Pay: 

  • Disparity in the dissemination of land has likewise prompted to imbalance of riches and pay. As indicated by a study by R.B.I., 1981-82, around 8 percent of country family units have resources more than Rs. 1 lakh every sharing 46 percent estimations of aggregate resources. Then again, 39 percent of rustic families had add up to resources less then Rs. 10,000/ - every sharing just 5 percent estimation of aggregate resources. Before the end of the seventh arrangement 12 percent of country individuals are landless and 66 percent of them are minor agriculturists having under 2.47 sections of land of land. As the conveyance of land is unequal, the pay that streams from the land likewise packs in the hands of a couple of enormous agriculturists, 

  • (iv) Unfriendly impact on advancement: 

  • The landless and negligible agriculturists claim physical work. In the event that land will be given to them they will develop with much intrigue and awesome power. This would have helped in expanding farming profitability and quickening the pace of monetary advancement. The huge ranchers just rented out the land without taking any care. This had influenced the improvement of agribusiness and advancement of the economy on the loose. 

  • (v) Development of entrepreneur Cultivating: 

  • Enormous agriculturists could contribute more to use current information sources like HYV seeds, compound compost, pesticides and bug sprays. The profitability in their field turned out to be high and they earned a surplus and made a tremendous benefit. This aided in the development of industrialist cultivating in the Indian economy.

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