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Features of Principles of Management

  1. Standards of Administration are All inclusive 

  2. Administration standards are relevant to a wide range of associations - business and non business. 

  3. They are relevant to all levels of administration. 

  4. Each association must make most ideal use by the utilization of administration standards. 

  5. Accordingly, they are all inclusive or all inescapable. 

  6. Standards of Administration are Adaptable 

  7. Administration standards are powerful rules and not static principles. 

  8. There is adequate space for administrative attentiveness i.e. they can be adjusted according to the prerequisites of the circumstance. 

  9. Alteration and change is a consistent wonder if there should arise an occurrence of standards of administration. 

  10. Standards of Administration have a Cause and Impact Relationship 

  11. Standards of administration demonstrate circumstances and end results relationship between related factors. 

  12. They demonstrate what will be the outcome or consequence of specific activities. Along these lines, on the off chance that one is known, the other can be followed. 

  13. Standards of Administration - Goes for Impacting Human Conduct 

  14. Human conduct is intricate and flighty. 

  15. Administration standards are coordinated towards managing human conduct so individuals can give their best to the association. 

  16. Administration is worried with incorporating endeavors and blending them towards an objective. 

  17. However, in specific circumstances even these standards neglect to comprehend human conduct. 

  18. Standards of Administration are of Equivalent Significance 

  19. All administration standards are similarly essential. 

  20. No specific guideline has more noteworthy significance than the other. 

  21. They are altogether required together for the accomplishment of authoritative objectives.

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