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Friendship text messages sms 2016

  1. "It is great knowing that I can always count on someone like you. Whenever I want to share my sorrow and joy I will know that I can count on you. Thank you for cheering up my life with the blessing of your friendship. "
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  3. :: "True friends are not found every day, but when you do find them, they only bring joy into your life. Friends are blessings that God commands us so that we do not feel alone when life turns sour. "
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  6. :: "When I was wrong you fondly showed me my mistake and when I needed you most you were by my side been without being called. You are a true friend and I thank God for placing you in my way. "
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  8. :: "In the labyrinth of my problems you have always been there to help me find the way out and in the confusion of my pains you have always been like daylight, to clarify my ideas. Thanks for everything, dear friend; I am forever grateful with you. "
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  10. :: "If friendship is the greatest treasure then I am millionaire with you because only with you I can be sure that I will never feel disappointed. I appreciate your friendship, dear friend and I will always remember everything we have lived together. "
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  12. :: "Lovers, there are many, but friends, there are only a few, so it is useless choosing love over friendship. I want to tell you dear friend that I would not trade you for anything or anyone because I found everything I needed to be happy with you. "
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  14. :: "Friends are those who care about you, people who are with you, who like to share with you the best of their lives even though they have so many other things to do. Thank God I can now understand what true friendship really is. " 
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  16. :: "I wish much love to my dearest friends for whom I have a deep appreciation from the bottom of my heart. I truly love you. Thank you all for always being there. " 
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  20. :: "Friend is a word that can only be pronounced with the people who you really appreciate and who you really want. When you say this word, try not to do it in vain. " 
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  24. :: "Thanks to your friendship I knew how recognize that the world is not lost, that there are still good people with principles, able to love without interest and be by your side without seeking benefits. I love you, dear friend. 
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  26. :: "For friendship there is nothing impossible. For a friend, to get to where you are is very easy. It is just about having a bit of love for people. If you share a piece of you, you will realize that getting closer to others will be something within you. Long live the friendship ". 
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  28. :: "You are my best friend, so today I want to thank you and I want to give you my love. Good vibes to anyone who has chosen to live in friendship with the world, because it is hard to find such harmonious people nowadays. " 
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  30. :: "They say that friends are the angels that God has sent to earth to support us in our journey. Today I can prove this is true; because you are my angel, my sweet friend, and the best thing that I have. " 
  31. Category : Friendship sms

  32. :: "Friendship dignifies us, it makes us big holders of life. Do not even hesitate for a second not to call someone close to you “friend”, it is a privilege that only a few people have. " 
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  34. :: "Friendship is one of the most beautiful feelings that exist in our world. Appreciate all your friends and have a wonderful life. " 
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  36. :: "You are a friend like no other. No one will ever separate us, because our friendship has been growing, and it is strange, yet beautiful the connection that we have. I love you forever, my dear friend. You are the one who helps me to continue my journey. " 
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  38. :: "If I have one true friend I can feel lucky because I will know that I have an angel on earth whenever I feel forgotten."
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  40. :: "From thousands of people, life united us and it was not by chance, because I know we were meant to be friends. Who would have comforted me at my worst, and who would have listened to your deepest sorrows? I truly love your dear friend and I hope that we are together for the rest of our lives. "
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  42. :: "When it seems that my problems have no solution, you arrive and with a few words make me change my mind completely. You have the power to make me feel good again; I appreciate everything you have always done for me. "
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  44. :: "When I had problems I could recognize that you were my friend because you stood by me when everyone else left. With your words you comforted me and with your advice you helped me out of trouble. Thanks for being a true friend for me. "
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  46. :: "A friend helps you overcome your fears, leave behind the obstacles and realize that nothing is as difficult as you think, and that with the help of a true friend you can accomplish anything."
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  48. True friends are rare. Therefore love your true friend and always remind them how much they mean to you.

  49. They say that remembering is a way to live again and I always remember with joy all that we lived together, what good times, right? I know you also remember, and that like me, yearn to return to those years where concerns were minimal and one was just stressed out for fun. I hope you come back. "
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  51. :: "No matter how separated we are by physical distance, that is the only one that separates us, because you know that our minds still have the same connection, which makes our friendship unique and lasting. I can imagine how you are feeling with this sudden change, but you are a great and very special person, there will not take long to notice and soon you will feel at home. Just do not get too comfortable, because then I am afraid that you will not want to return. I love you so much. "
  52. Category : Friendship sms

  53. :: "We knew this would happen, it had already been coming on for some time and therefore it is time to implement all measures designed for the unique friendship that we have to never be lost. I know it will be difficult at the beginning, nobody denies that, but if both of us do our part and we keep in touch, and then there will be nothing to worry about. You know that a call from you is enough for me to leave everything aside, right? ". 
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  57. :: "The problems teach us about our true strengths, so do not flee from them, but seize them to learn and draw a conclusion that will be of help later. Right now we are faced with a difficult situation for us, so it is time for us to do everything we can that will keep us together. "
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  61. :: "There is nothing more amazing than to feel accompanied, wanted, valued and appreciated, no matter where I am and no matter where you are. Now that we are so far from the vicissitudes of life, we must adapt to this new reality and do everything possible to be right, mate ". 
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  63. :: "It was a great time everything we lived together, definitely a life of adventure. Now that you are far away I miss you a lot, but soon we will meet again, I do not have the least doubt. I love you and I hope you are doing great. "
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  65. :: "How hard it is to adapt to this new life in which you are across the world. I will not deny how much I miss you, but the purpose of my message is not to make you sad but to make you smile fro you know that you have a friend who is thinking about you right now. "
  66. Category : Friendship sms

  67. :: "Dear friend, I miss you like you have no idea. I have a million things to say, we have to catch up as soon as possible, because I cannot stand another day without you knowing all the things that have happened. Just now I am discovering how much I enjoyed our nightly conversations on those eternal summer evenings on the terrace and all the adventures we had. I know we will meet again soon, because when friendship is real, it lasts forever. "
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  69. The Lord gives us many things, including the possibility of bringing real friends to join us for life. Do not neglect your friends who are physically apart. Give it a try. 

  70. stone is enough to break a glass .1 sentence is enough to break a heart.1 second is enough to fall in love .1 sms is enough to keep relation in touch.
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  72. ::Friendship is a silent gift of nature..More old .. more strong..More deep.. more clear..More close.. more warm..Less words.. more understanding.
  73. Category : Sms friendship

  74. ::Life is the flower for which love is the honey.
  75. Category : Sms friendship

  76. ::When ur alone, When ur crying, When ur upset, Don't think of me!! just call me coz incoming is free for me.. my friend!!
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  79. ::God picked up a flower and dipped it in a DEW, lovingly touched it which turned in to U, and the he gifted to me and said, THIS FRIEND IS 4U.
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  81. ::A single candle can illuminate an entire room. A true friend lights up an entire lifetime. Thanks for the bright lights of your friendship.
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  83. ::I'm glad friendship doesn't come with price tags. For if it does, I'd never afford someone as great as you. 
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  85. ::Its not an achievement to make 1000's friends in a year, but an achievement is when you make a friend for 1000's years.
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  87. ::If you need a friend and there are a hundred steps between us, you can take the 1st step to get near me and i will take all 99 steps to be there for you.
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  89. ::The nicest place these days is right beside your friends. 
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  91. ::Life has taught us that love does not consist of gazing at each other, but in looking together in the same direction.
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  93. ::You cannot buy friendship, you can earn it. If someone comes for help, be a true friend !
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  95. ::The ship that will never sink is my friendship with you. 
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  97. ::I have a pen which is blue, I have a friend which is you. Flowers will die, waters will dry, but our friendship will never say goodbye. 
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  99. ::Friendship marks a life even more deeply than love. Love risks degenerating into obsession, friendship is never anything but sharing.
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  101. ::A daily thought...a silent tear...a constant wish that u r near...words are few but thoughts r deep...memories of our frenship i'll always keep!!
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  103. ::Our friendship is like the hands of clock though we are in the same clock,we r not able 2 meet even if we meet.. It is only for few minutes but still our friendship runs non-stop...
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  105. ::My friendship is like an onion which has many layers in it it will add taste to ur life but if u try to cut it u will have tears in ur eyes.

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