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Functions of Management

  1. Administration has been portrayed as a social procedure including obligation regarding practical and successful arranging and control of operation of a venture in the satisfaction of given purposes. It is a dynamic procedure comprising of different components and exercises. These exercises are not the same as agent capacities like advertising, fund, buy and so on. Or maybe these exercises are basic to every single trough regardless of his level or status. 

  2. Diverse specialists have characterized elements of administration. As indicated by George and Jerry, "There are four essential elements of administration i.e. arranging, sorting out, impelling and controlling". 

  3. As indicated by Henry Fayol, "To oversee is to estimate and plan, to arrange, to summon, and to control". While Luther Gullick has given a catchphrase "POSDCORB" where P remains for Arranging, O for Sorting out, S for Staffing, D for Coordinating, Co for Co-appointment, R for reporting and B for Planning. Be that as it may, the most broadly acknowledged are elements of administration given by KOONTZ and O'DONNEL i.e. Arranging, Sorting out, Staffing, Coordinating and Controlling. 

  4. For hypothetical purposes, it might be advantageous to isolate the capacity of administration however essentially these capacities are covering in nature i.e. they are profoundly indistinguishable. Every capacity mixes into the other and every influences the execution of others.

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