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Functions of the Municipal Council

  1. After the consolidation of twelfth Calendar by the 74th Constitution Revision Act, a Civil Committee, stands doled out the accompanying 18 subjects: 

  2. 1. Arranging: 

  3. Readiness and usage of arrangements for the improvement of the city. 

  4. 2. Direction of land utilize and development of Structures: 

  5. It makes bye-laws for the best possible utilization of land and embraces development of structures. 

  6. 3. Making arrangements for Monetary and Social Advancement: 

  7. Metropolitan Board has additionally been given the assignment of undertaking arranging and actualizing the arrangements for the financial and social advancement of the tenants of the city. 

  8. 4. Development and support of Streets and Scaffolds: 

  9. Civil Gathering builds streets and scaffolds in its zone and attempts the repair and support work. 

  10. 5. Water Supply for Residential, Mechanical and Business Reason: 

  11. It has the ability to make arrangement for the supply of clean savoring water its zone. It is to make courses of action for the supply of water for mechanical and business purposes. 

  12. 6. General Wellbeing and Sanitation: 

  13. General Wellbeing and Sanitation of the city is the obligation of the Metropolitan Chamber and Wellbeing Officer and Clean Monitors are in charge of carrying on this principle work. 

  14. In this setting it attempts a few capacities: 

  15. (i) Makes arrangement for open toilets and urinals, 

  16. (ii) Gives appropriate channels to the transfer of messy water and pee, 

  17. (iii) Forces prohibition on the offer of spoiled eatables. 

  18. (iv) Makes satisfactory courses of action for checking debasement in sustenance stuff, 

  19. (v) Set up doctor's facilities and dispensaries, 

  20. (vi) Makes game plans for inoculation to contain plagues like little pox and cholera and so forth. 

  21. 7. Arrangement of Putting out fires Administration: 

  22. Civil Gathering makes arrangement of a fire-detachment and makes every single vital course of action , required for putting out fires operations. 

  23. 8. Urban Ranger service, assurance of environment and Natural adjust: 

  24. Civil Gathering makes vital game plans for the insurance of the earth of the city, for keeping up natural adjust, and embraces important measures for checking contamination. It makes exceptional drives for tree-ranch. 

  25. 9. To secure the interests of weaker segments of society: 

  26. City Committee makes sufficient game plans for defending the interests of the weaker segments of society, including the impaired and rationally retarted. For this reason it can attempt the development and running of homes and debilitated people. 

  27. 10. Ghetto Change: 

  28. To keep the city clean and to decorate it is the essential obligation of City Board. For this reason, it makes important plans for the advancement and change of urban ghettos. 

  29. 11. Urban Destitution Mitigation: 

  30. City Board makes strides for giving business and independent work to the general population and for lightening urban destitution. 

  31. 12. Upkeep and foundation of Parks, Gardens and Play-Grounds: 

  32. To keep the urban environment clean and to keep up the beautification of the town, the City Committee creates stops in the town, sets up patio nurseries in open spaces and makes arrangement for play-grounds. 

  33. 13. Advancement of Social and Instructive Welfare: 

  34. For the social, instructive and stylish advancement of the general population of the town the Civil Committee builds up social focuses in the town, sets up historical centers, opens instructive foundations and oversees thing. 

  35. 14. Support of Incineration Grounds: 

  36. Metropolitan Chamber makes important courses of action for the incineration and internment of dead bodies. Keeping in view its assets. Civil Committee can make arrangement of Electric Crematorium too. 

  37. 15. Counteractive action of Remorselessness against Creatures: 

  38. Civil Board makes important game plans for the internment of dead creatures and also to prevent brutality to creatures. 

  39. 16. Enrollment of Birth and Passings: 

  40. Civil Board embraces enrollment of birth and passings and issues birth and demise endorsements. 

  41. 17. Open pleasantries including Road lighting, Stopping, Transport Stops, and open comforts: 

  42. Civil Board makes legitimate game plans for road lighting in the town, sets up stopping places in the town for stopping of vehicles, tangas and rickshaws, and gives conveniences, for example, lavatories and urinals. 

  43. 18. Direction of Butcher Houses and Tanneries: 

  44. Civil Chamber opens butcher houses in the town and makes rules with respect to their use. It additionally directs the working of tanneries and makes essential plans to manage the issues emerging out of it.

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