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Funniest Minions Quotes Sayings 2017

1 ) ⧭⧭Have you ever just looked at someone and automatically felt annoyed⧭⧭

2 ) ⧪⧪Did you just fall?” Noo.I attacked the floor⬉⬋⬋

3 ) Don’t be afraid of a few extra pounds. Fat people are harder to kidnap..

4 ) ⧪⧪Im not really your friend until I start insulting you on a daily basis⧭⧭

5 ) ⧪You know how you can smack something to get it to work⧭I wish I could do that with people.

6 ) ⧭A good mood is like a ballon.One little prick is all it takes to ruin It⧪⧪

7 ) ⧪⧪Facebook has a confirm and ignore friend requests buttons. I think it needs a Who the hell are you? button⧭⧭

8 ) ⧭⧭Alright who pushed the fast forward button on my weekend⧭⧭

9 ) ⧪⧪You can’t always control who walks into your life. but you can control which window you throw them out of⧭⧭

10 ) At Night I can’t sleep. In the Morning I can’t wake up.

Minion Status Qoutes and Sayings

11 ) ⧪I’m going to retire and live off my savings. What I’ll do the second day, I have no idea.

12 ) ⧭Most women are afraid of clowns but still end up dating one⧭

13 ) ⧪Cal me boring but I don’t need to go out partying on a Saturday night to have fun. Staying home and watching movies is just fine with me⬋⬋

14 ) I make time for people who make time for me.

15 ) ⧭Yes, I Dance in my car. Yes, ⧭I see you starting at me. No, I don’t care.

16 ) Of course I talk to my self.Sometimes ⧭⧭I need expert advice.

17 ) ⧪⧪Sometimes the person who tries to keep everyone happy is the most lonely person.

18 ) First person to complain it’s too hot this summer gets punched.

19 ) ⧪Men are always whining about how we are suffocating them. Personally I think if you can hear them whining you’re not pressing hard enough on the pillow⧭⧭

20 ) ⧪⧪I am sweet,loveable,kind,shy and Innocent..Oh,for heavens sake,stop laughing⧭⧭

21 ) ⧭My bed is a magical place where I ⧭suddenly remember everything I was supposed to do.

22 ) ⧪Talking to your best friend Is sometimes all the therapy you need.

23 ) ⧪I wish to donate Fat like yiyu can donate blood.

24 ) ⧭Instad Of Cleaning House i just watch an episode of hoarders and think wow my house looks great⧭⧭

25 ) ⧭We are best friends. Always remember that if you fall, ⧭I will pick you up. After I finish laughing.

26 ) ⧪I don’t care If you’re black,white,short,tall,skinny,rich or poor. 🔝If you Respect me I’ll respect you⧭

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