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Hair Care 2016

@It does not matter, whether you like to wear your hair long or short, what makes difference is the look and feel of your hair. A frizzy, dry, rough looking hair, even if it is long and thick, can not help much when it comes to enhancing your beauty. A silky, shiny, lustrous hair can on the other hand dramatically add to your feminine appeal, even if it is cropped short. So @health is the key to make your hair work in favor of you and @healthy hair is the result of consistent care.

@Hair care involves three main aspects:1. Maintenance of the hygiene of scalp and hair, 2. Application of nourishing agents-natural or chemical-to supplement body’s natural process of hair growth and 3. Application of cosmetic products to enhance the beauty and shine of the hair strands.

Shampoo, @hair oil and conditioner are three primary things that anybody @would need to maintain the hair and scalp health. Above all, proper diet rich in @vitamins and nutrients are necessary to ensure, you have a healthy, @problem free hair for years to come.

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