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Happy Birthday Status For Your Dad to wish

  1. 1 ) ⧭If you paid me for every grey hair I gave you, I’d be able to retire before you do just saying happy birthday⬉

  2. 2 ) ⧪You are absolutely the best father and you always helped me find my absolute best Happy Birthday⬊⬋⬋

  3. 3 ) 🔝🔝There isn’t a throne suitable enough for a king like you.

  4. 4 ) 🔝🔝Your soul is pure, your heart is priceless, and your wisdom is astounding. Happy birthday, Dad!

  5. 5 ) ⧪⧪Dad, you are my hero, my role model, the man who I look up, to and dream to become. Happy birthday, Dad🔝🔝

  6. 6 ) ⧪⧪The tears in my eyes are making me take a while, to tell you how much you have made me smile.happy birthday dad🔝🔝

  7. 7 ) No gift can ever match the gift of love and affection you have given me these entire years happy birthday dad.

  8. 8 ) They say to make a wish when you blow out the candles, so may all of your wishes come true on your special day.

  9. 9 ) You have helped me to reach those heights from where I’ve be able to see life’s best views Happy birthday dad.

  10. 10 ) The world would be a better place if there were more dads like you. Happy birthday

  11. 11 ) Dad, you showed me that boys can be good and that men should be great Happy Birthday.

  12. 12 ) I may not be the perfect child, but you are the perfect papa. Happy birthday, Dad!

  13. 13 ) Here’s to making it to 100, happy birthday daddy!

  14. 14 ) People rub lamps to find genies while I simply call out your name happy birthday daddy.

  15. 15 ) ⧭⧭There is not a single birthday gift in this world that can ever be worth your contribution in my life happy birthday to the best dad in the world.

  16. 16 ) ⧪⧪Dad, you were there for me from the day I was born, always having my best interests in mind. You are one of the most important people in my life and I love you with my whole heart. Happy birthday, Dad🔝🔝

  17. 17 ) There is no bond like the one that we share. Happy birthday, Dad!

  18. 18 ) Dad you had dreams for me, but you were also the sort of father that let me live my life. I hope that we are both happy with the result Happy Birthday.

  19. 19 ) Growing up, you taught me to laugh, I hope you laugh on your special day.

  20. 20 ) You may be an old man, but man do I love you. Happy birthday, Dad!

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  22. 21 ) No words can ever take the place of the feelings of my heart for you, hope your day is joyful.

  23. 22 ) I am lucky that I love my father with all of my heart. I am really lucky to have a father that loves me with all of his heart Happy Birthday.

  24. 23 ) There couldn’t have been a better father than you on this earth happy birthday to the man who taught me my worth.

  25. 24 ) Brilliance redefined, strength guaranteed and reliability unparalleled. That’s not a car, that’s my father happy birthday dad.

  26. 25 ) Dads are the best!! You are the best Dad!! So that means you are the BEST Happy Birthday.

  27. 26 ) ⧭⧭Thanks for showing me how the world works. I may need a few more tips though Happy Birthday⬋⬋

  28. 27 ) ⧫⧫Dad, thanks for being a king and letting me kiss a few frogs in search of my prince. Dreams are good Happy Birthday🔝🔝

  29. 28 ) To my father, the wisest, smartest, funniest man I’ve ever met: Happy Birthday

  30. 29 ) Your heart is made of diamonds and I hope they glitter on your forever dad.

  31. 30 ) Dear dad, I am your princess and you are my million colors of happiness happy birthday.

  32. 31 ) Man of my dreams, first love of my life and the perfect man ever – girls dedicate these words to their boyfriends; I dedicate them to my father happy birthday.

  33. 32 ) Dad, you are not only a special breed but obviously a special breeder to have a child as wonderful as me Happy Birthday.

  34. 33 ) I learned a lot from your Dad. And yet I have never been arrested Happy Birthday.

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  36. 34 ) Person’s life should be a monument to their mentors. In your case, Mount Rushmore is not nearly big enough. Happy Birthday, Dad!

  37. 35 ) You are my compass, you have always shown me the right way, for that, I love you.

  38. 36 ) Like to give a Birthday shout out to the person that is responsible for helping me be who I am. Happy Birthday!

  39. 37 ) Enjoy all the love and attention on your birthday. From tomorrow, it’s going to be boring as always happy birthday.

  40. 38 ) No man in this world could have been a better father to me than you were. Happy birthday, Dad!

  41. 39 ) ⧭⧭I have always been the princess to the greatest king.

  42. 40 ) When I am your age, I⧪⧪ hope that you will be the World’s Best Grandfather Happy Birthday

  43. 41 ) You are my 🔝guide and help me know which direction is best – even when you aren’t there. Happy Birthday.

  44. 42 ) I’m proud of every grey hair on your head, Daddy. After all, I helped you earn every one.

  45. 43 ) Love and laughter are two of the things that you have given me that make life more fun. Thanks Happy Birthday.

  46. 45 ) 🔝You are more than a great Dad. You are an inspiration, a teacher and a friend Happy Birthday🔺🔺🔺🔺

  47. 46 ) Thanks for making me rich. Not with money but with love, caring and a happy family Happy Birthday.

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