Happy Holi Wishes Messages Now 2017

  1. ↜↜The delight of Happy Holi give you fun,
  2. What’s more, bring you satisfaction,
  3. Because of God for,
  4. Giving us this day.
  5. Happy Holi 2017⇙⇙⇙

  6. Happy Holi 2017 Messages, Sms, uotes, Hindi, Msg, Saying

  7. ↝↝Wish all of you Happy holi,
  8. What’s more, beautiful holi,
  9. Favored with achievement,
  10. Fill your heart with joy green,
  11. Holi is evergreen,
  12. So boisterously talk,
  13. Happy holi↝↝

  14. I hope this holi fulfilled your life with success,
  15. with lot of glory,
  16. with lot of joy,
  17. Happy Holi…

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  19. Pyar ke rango se bhar lo ye pichkari,
  20. Sneh ke rang se rang do ye duniya saari,
  21. Ye rang na jaane kisi ki bhasha aur jaat
  22. Aur na hi kisi ki boli,
  23. Aapko Mubarak ho hamari taraf se happy holi,
  24. Wishing you very happy holi

  25. ⇘⇘Pichkari ki nikli dhar,
  26. Gulabi rango ki huyi bauchaar,
  27. Apno ka saath hai pyar,
  28. Yahi to hai dosto holi ka tyohaar,
  29. Happy Holi⇗⇗⇗

  30. Happy Holi 2017 Messages
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  32. ⇖⇖Love is never die because love is like God,
  33. Family is never heart us as they are parts of body,
  34. Friends are never forget you because,
  35. Friends are like mind so wish you,
  36. Happy Holi⇗⇗.

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  38. What you want, you will get,
  39. If you choose to be happy,
  40. Or if you choose to be sad,
  41. No other responsible for that,
  42. Celebrate Holi with lots of grace,
  43. Wishing you happy holi,

  44. If you want to make your dream true,
  45. Than say thanks to God,
  46. I sending you colourful rainbow,
  47. With lot of colours,
  48. ⇖Once again happy holi

  49. Happy Holi 2017 Quotes

  50. My wishes for you and your family on this Holi and I am coming to your home with lots of sweet love. Have a nice day and Happy Holi.

  51. Holi is the ideal day to express love with all hues; this is a period when you have demonstrate friendship. All hues which is on you that is the image of affection – Happy Holi…

  52. ⇖⇖May god bless you on this holi, god give you more colourful life, if you want something desire for your life than ⇗⇗you get in a minute but don’t forget to sayhappy holi.

  53. Happy Holi 2017 Sms

  54. We wishing you a very happy Holi,
  55. We praying from God to give you Love,
  56. And pour their well wishes and bless on you,
  57. Happy Holi 2017….

  58. Happy Holi Messages, Sms, Quotes, Images for Whatsapp Status 2017

  59. ⇗⇗Holi is the perfect time,
  60. For understanding love behind each other,
  61. It is perfect time to show your kindness,
  62. Say happy holi to all,
  63. Celebrate happy holi⇗⇗

  64. Happy Holi 2017 Wishes, Messages, Quotes, Sms

  65. ⇫⇫Wishing you happy holi from my heart,
  66. May god bless you all your dream come true,
  67. You get your desire fun on this day,
  68. Make this day more memorable,
  69. Let’s play holi,
  70. Wishing you once again happy holi⇫⇫

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