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Happy Memorial Day Text Messages 2016

  1. Folding him in his nation's stars. Beat the drum and fire the torrent! What to him are all our wars, what but death be scornful madness...!!!"
  2. Happy Memorial Day...!!!"
  3. ~George Henry Boker...!!!"
  4. -------------------------------------
  5. "Bravery is the ability to perform correctly even when afraid half to death...!!!"
  6. Happy Memorial Day...!!!"
  7. ~Omar Bradley...!!!"
  8. -------------------------------------
  9. "Better than integrity and splendor, and History's firm pen was the opinion of duty done and the love of his fellow-men...!!!"
  10. Happy Memorial Day...!!!"
  11. ~Richard Watson Gilder...!!!"
  12. -------------------------------------
  13. "My nationalistic heart beats blue, white and red...!!!"
  14. Happy Memorial Day...!!!"
  15. -------------------------------------
  16. "That's what it takes to be a hero, a little gem of goodness inside you that makes you want to trust that there still occurs a right and wrong that politeness will somehow successes in the end...!!!"
  17. Happy Memorial Day...!!!"
  18. ~Lise Hand...!!!"
  19. -------------------------------------
  20. "It is surmounting troubles that makes brave man...!!!"
  21. Happy Memorial Day...!!!"
  22. ~Louis Pasteur...!!!"
  23. -------------------------------------

  24. "What I can do for my country and people, I am ready to do...!!!"
  25. Happy Memorial Day...!!!"
  26. ~Christopher Gadsden...!!!"
  27. -------------------------------------
  28. "But the autonomy that they fought for, and the country outstanding they bent for Is their monument to-day, and for aye...!!!"
  29. Happy Memorial Day...!!!"
  30. ~Thomas Dunn English...!!!"
  31. -------------------------------------
  32. "If you are embarrassed to stand by your colors, then it is better for you to pursue another flag...!!!"
  33. Happy Memorial Day...!!!"
  34. -------------------------------------

  35. "It does not take a hero to command men into fight. It takes a hero to be one of those men who goes into combat...!!!"
  36. Happy Memorial Day...!!!"
  37. ~Norman Schwarzkopf...!!!"
  38. -------------------------------------
  39. "Bravery ... is fortitude for one moment more...!!!"
  40. Happy Memorial Day...!!!"
  41. ~George F. Kennan...!!!"
  42. -------------------------------------
  43. "It is impossible to correctly manage a state without Lord and the Bible...!!!"
  44. Happy Memorial Day...!!!"
  45. President George Washington...!!!"
  46. -------------------------------------

  47. "I am worried for the safety of our great country; not abundant because of any danger from without, but because of the sinister forces working from within...!!!"
  48. Happy Memorial Day...!!!"
  49. ~General Douglas MacArthur...!!!"
  50. -------------------------------------
  51. "There are no points of the compass on the diagram of true nationalism...!!!"
  52. Happy Memorial Day...!!!"
  53. ~Robert Charles Winthrop...!!!"
  54. -------------------------------------
  55. "Peace to each virile soul that slept; Rest to each truthful eye that wept...!!!"
  56. Happy Memorial Day...!!!"
  57. ~Thomas Moore...!!!"
  58. -------------------------------------

  59. "They are dead but they live in each Nationalist's soul and their names are inscribe on admiration's brightest peak...!!!"
  60. Happy Mother Day...!!!"
  61. ~Henry Wadsworth Longfellow...!!!"
  62. -------------------------------------
  63. "If our nation is valuable dying for in time of war, let us resolve that it is really valuable living for in time of peace...!!!"
  64. Happy Memorial Day...!!!"
  65. ~Hamilton Fish...!!!"
  66. -------------------------------------
  67. "Martyr of soldier in the field of glory, soldier are fit for song and story...!!!"
  68. Happy Memorial Day...!!!"
  69. ~John Randolph Thompson..

  70. To be ready for war is one of the most real means of preservative peace...!!!"
  71. Happy Memorial Day...!!!"
  72. ~General George Washington...!!!"
  73. -------------------------------------
  74. "There is forceful national feeling in America that could be called nationalism...!!!"
  75. Happy Memorial Day...!!!"
  76. ~Michael Ignatieff...!!!"
  77. -------------------------------------

  78. Happy Memorial Day for USA Army Stay the Flag Picture Card Wallpaper

  79. "So as you go into fight, remember your families and remember your progenies...!!!"
  80. ~Publius Cornelius Tacitus...!!!"
  81. Happy Memorial Day...!!!"
  82. -------------------------------------
  83. "Life dangles as nothing in the scale against dear Freedom...!!!"
  84. Happy Memorial Day...!!!"
  85. ~Lucy Larcom...!!!"
  86. -------------------------------------

  87. Happy Memorial Day Wishes Card Picture for USA

  88. "The fact of the substance is that you know every time the right thing to do. The difficult thing is doing it...!!!"
  89. Happy Memorial Day...!!!"
  90. ~General Norman Schwarzkopf...!!!"
  91. -------------------------------------
  92. "May Paradise be auspicious, and smile on the cause of my country...!!!"
  93. Happy Memorial Day...!!!"
  94. ~Zebulon Pike...!!!"
  95. -------------------------------------

  96. Happy Memorial Day Wishes Card Wallpaper with USA Flag

  97. "State integrity is the national property of the maximum value...!!!"
  98. ~James Monroe...!!!"
  99. Happy Memorial Day...!!!"
  100. -------------------------------------
  101. "Four things support the world: the knowledge of the wise, the honesty of the great, the devotions of the good, and the courage of the brave...!!!"
  102. Happy Memorial Day...!!!"
  103. ~Muhammad
  104. -------------------------------------

  105. Happy Memorial Day Wishes Image and Photo Card

  106. "There are some people who have forgotten why we have armed forces. It is not to support war, it is to be ready for peace...!!!"
  107. Happy Memorial Day...!!!
  108. ~President Ronald Reagan...!!!"
  109. -------------------------------------
  110. "The ordinary American is nothing if not nationalistic...!!!"
  111. Happy Memorial Day..

  112. The basic purpose of all war is amity...!!!"
  113. ~Saint Augustine...!!!"
  114. Happy Memorial Day...!!!"
  115. -------------------------------------
  116. "I trust it is the nature of people of the heroes, given the chances...!!!"
  117. ~James A. Autry...!!!"
  118. Happy Memorial Day...!!!"
  119. -------------------------------------

  120. "Is not demise to fall for Autonomy's right? He is demise alone who dearth her light...!!!"
  121. Happy Memorial Day...!!!"
  122. ~Thomas Campbell...!!!"
  123. -------------------------------------
  124. "The hero is the man devoted to the formation and/or protection of reality-conforming, life-promoting values...!!!"
  125. ~Andrew Bernstein...!!!"
  126. Happy Memorial Day...!!!"
  127. -------------------------------------

  128. "Those people who cannot courageously face hazards are the slaves of their assailants....!!!"
  129. Happy Memorial Day...!!!"
  130. ~Aristotle...!!!"
  131. -------------------------------------
  132. This spectacular Memorial Day particularly this year is very important as we are repeated almost daily of the great sacrifices that the men and women of the Armed forces make to protect our way of life....!!!"
  133. Happy Memorial Day...!!!"
  134. ~Robin Hayes...!!!"
  135. -------------------------------------

  136. "A brave man is someone who has given his life to something bigger than oneself...!!!"
  137. ~Joseph Campbell...!!!"
  138. Happy Memorial Day...!!!"
  139. -------------------------------------
  140. "Nationalism not involves in waving the flag, but in determined that our country shall be virtuous as well as strong....!!!"
  141. Happy Memorial Day...!!!"
  142. ~James Bryce...!!!"
  143. -------------------------------------

  144. "They martyr, but over their splendid graves waving free banner of the cause they died to save the country....!!!"
  145. Happy Memorial Day...!!!"
  146. ~Francis Marion Crawford...!!!"
  147. -------------------------------------
  148. "A people that values its freedoms above its values soon loses both....!!!"
  149. Happy Memorial Day...!!!"
  150. ~President Dwight D. Eisenhower...!!!"
  151. -------------------------------------

  152. "The utmost splendor of a free born people is to spread that freedom to their children....!!!" 
  153. Happy Memorial Day...!!!"
  154. ~William Harvard...!!!"
  155. -------------------------------------
  156. "Death leaves a sorrow no one can fill, love leaves a memory no one can take...!!!"
  157. ~From a headstone in Ireland...!!!"
  158. Happy Memorial Day...!!!"
  159. -------------------------------------

  160. "Man is an armed animal, splendors in gunpowder, and loves parade....!!!"
  161. Happy Memorial Day...!!!"
  162. ~Philip James Bailey...!!!"
  163. -------------------------------------
  164. "Desire rather to be a hero than just appear one...!!!"
  165. ~Baltasar Gracian...!!!"
  166. Happy Memorial Day...!!!"
  167. -------------------------------------

  168. "A hero is an ordinary person individually who finds the strength to persevere and tolerate in spite of overwhelming problems...!!!"
  169. ~Christopher...!!!"
  170. Happy Memorial Day...!!!"
  171. -------------------------------------
  172. "Let no damage of greed or negligence, no effects of time, swear to the present or to the coming generations, that we have gone, as a people, the price of a free and undivided Nation....!!!"
  173. Happy Memorial Day...!!!"
  174. ~John A. Logan...!!!"
  175. -------------------------------------

  176. "The inheritance of heroes is the memory of a great name and the legacy of a great example....!!!" 
  177. Happy Memorial Day...!!!"
  178. ~Sydney J. Harris...!!!"
  179. -------------------------------------
  180. "On what rests the faith of the nation? One republic, one language, one flag...!!!"
  181. Happy Memorial Day...!!!"
  182. ~Alexander Henry...!!!"
  183. -------------------------------------

  184. "Blow out, you bugles, over the rich Dead! There is none of these so lonely and poor of old...!!!"
  185. But, failing, has made us rare moneys than gold.
  186. Happy Memorial Day...!!!"
  187. ~Rupert Brooke...!!!"
  188. -------------------------------------
  189. "The value of autonomy is everlasting vigilance....!!!"
  190. Happy Memorial Day...!!!"
  191. ~President Thomas Jefferson..

  192. The story of America's search for autonomy is adorned on her history in the blood of her nationalists...!!!"
  193. ~Randy Vader...!!!"
  194. Happy Memorial Day...!!!"

  195. Memorial Day Quote Brave Solders Image Card Wallpaper

  196. "The brave soldiers accept death for the love of country...!!!"
  197. Happy Memorial Day...!!!"
  198. ~James A. Garfield...!!!"

  199. Memorial Day Soldier right view Represent Quote Wishes Image Card

  200. "These martyr soldiers represent the right view of a nation who has a long history of nationalism and respect and a nation who has fought many battles to keep our country safe and peaceful from threats of foes...!!!"
  201. Happy Memorial Day...!!!"
  202. ~Michael N. Castle...!!!"

  203. Memorial Day Wishes Picture and Nationalism Quote

  204. "I have believed in that sacrifice is the peak of nationalism...!!!"
  205. ~Bob Riley...!!!"
  206. Happy Memorial Day...!!!"

  207. Memorial Day Wishes Quote for Brave Heroes Picture

  208. "This nation will always exist the land of the free people only so long as it is the home of the brave heroes...!!!"
  209. ~Elmer Davis...!!!"
  210. Happy Memorial Day...!!!"

  211. Armed Forces Power Quote Picture for Memorial Day Wishes

  212. "Armed forces wins fights, but mystical power wins wars....!!!"
  213. Happy Memorial Day...!!!"
  214. ~General George Marshall...!!!"

  215. Country Hero Quote of Memorial Day Wishes Picture Card

  216. "In the light of his own drawn sword each man stands with his face. Prepared to do what a hero can for his country...!!!"
  217. ~Elizabeth Barrett Browning,
  218. Happy Memorial Day...!!!"

  219. Happy Memorial Day and National Quote Image Card

  220. "Memorial Day is the most beautiful day in our national holidays. The unattractive cannon have turned into palm twigs, and the bomb and shrapnel into peach blossoms...!!!"
  221. Happy Memorial Day...!!!"

  222. Happy Memorial Day Fight for Country Quote Picture Cards

  223. "Who kept the trust is God and fought the fight for country; the splendor theirs, the duty ours...!!!"
  224. Happy Memorial Day...!!!"
  225. ~Wallace Bruce...!!!"

  226. Memorial Day A Life To Lost for My Country Quote Wishes Photo Wallpaper

  227. "I remorse that I have just one life to lose for my country....!!!"
  228. Happy Memorial Day..

  229. The tree of hope raise With the tears of the mighty nation provides shed to the  graves should ever be green...!!!"
  230. Happy Memorial Day...!!!"
  231. ~Thomas Bailey Aldrich...!!!"
  232. -------------------------------------
  233. "A brave man is one who knows how to droop one minute longer...!!!"
  234. Happy Memorial Day...!!!"
  235. ~Novalis...!!!"
  236. -------------------------------------

  237. Happy Memorial Day Remembring Armed Forces Image

  238. "Liberty of speaking and liberty of action are worthless without freedom to think. And there is no freedom of thought without uncertainty...!!!"
  239. Happy Memorial Day...!!!"
  240. -------------------------------------
  241. "These sacrifices of nationalism gave their lives for an idea...!!!"
  242. ~Schuyler Colfax...!!!"
  243. Happy Memorial Day...!!!"
  244. -------------------------------------

  245. Happy Memorial Day Memorial Park Remembring Day 2014

  246. "The heroes never die, although they buried in dust and they sleep, their bravery nerves a million living men...!!!"
  247. Happy Memorial Day
  248. ~Minot J. Savage...!!!"
  249. -------------------------------------
  250. "Each man of us is a hero and a prophecy to somebody."
  251. ~Ralph Waldo Emerson...!!!"
  252. Happy Memorial Day...!!!"
  253. -------------------------------------

  254. Remembrance Day Image Card Armed Forces Day 2014

  255. "We come, not to grieve our martyr Soldiers, but to admire them."
  256. ~Francis A. Walker...!!!"
  257. Happy Memorial Day...!!!"
  258. -------------------------------------
  259. "Protector against the deceptions of fake nationalism....!!!"
  260. Happy Memorial Day...!!!"
  261. -------------------------------------

  262. Happy Memorial Day

  263. "Are they really dead that they speak yet louder instead us, and a more worldwide language?  Are they really dead or they act?  Are they really dead that yet moves upon people and encourage the people with honorable motives and more brave nationalism?...!!!"
  264. Happy Memorial Day...!!!"
  265. ~Henry Ward Beecher...!!!"
  266. -------------------------------------
  267. "Courage is transmittable. When a brave man chose a goal, the backbones of others are often stiffened."
  268. ~ Billy Graham...!!!"
  269. Happy Memorial Day.

  270. The nationalist's gore is the seed of Liberty's tree...!!!"
  271. Happy Memorial Day...!!!"
  272. -------------------------------------
  273. "Many times I desire that I had no memories, so I could unable to remember what blunders I would be unable to call to mind that things I had never desired to see or hear...!!!"
  274. Happy Memorial Day...!!!"
  275. -------------------------------------

  276. Happy Memorial Day Wishes and Greetings Picture Card USA

  277. "I desire I could just unable to remember the past* and moves forward on to future*. But the memories keeps back in to the past....!!!"
  278. Happy Memorial Day...!!!"
  279. -------------------------------------
  280. "My dear American people, any time ask not what your country can do for you, always ask what you can do for your people and your country....!!!"
  281. Happy Memorial Day...!!!"
  282. ~John F. Kennedy...!!!"
  283. -------------------------------------

  284. Memorial Day Wishes Image USA

  285. "Although no carve marble should rise to their glory, nor incised stone tolerate record of their actions, yet will their commemoration be as lasting as the land they respect....!!!"
  286. Happy Memorial Day...!!!"
  287. ~Daniel Webster...!!!"
  288. -------------------------------------
  289. "On the grave the drops of water shall fall from the eyes of superior nation...!!!"
  290. Happy Memorial Day...!!!"
  291. -------------------------------------

  292. Memorial Day Wishes Picture Card White House

  293. "Even every nation know, whether it requires us good or bad, that we shall pay and wages, tolerate any burden, meet any adversity, care any friend, face the enemies to guarantee the survival and the victory of freedom...!!!"
  294. Happy Memorial Day...!!!"
  295. ~John F. Kennedy...!!!"
  296. -------------------------------------
  297. "They float as a cloud of observers above this Nation...!!!"
  298. Happy Memorial Day...!!!"
  299. ~Henry Ward Beecher...!!!"
  300. -------------------------------------

  301. Presidents Day Greetings Picture Wallpaper

  302. "When you came home, told them of us and say, for their future, we gave our present"...!!!"
  303. Happy Memorial Day...!!!"
  304. -------------------------------------
  305. "Nationalism is providing support to country all the time, and your people when they needed it...!!!"
  306. Happy Memorial Day..

  307. We Who Love U, Sadly Miss U, As It Dawns Another Year, In Our Lonely Hours Of Thinking, Thoughts Of U R Ever Near...!!!"
  308. -------------------------------------------
  309. "Always A Smile, Instead Of A Frown, Always A Hand, When One Is Down, Always True, Thoughtful & Kind, Wonderful Memories She Left Behind...!!!"
  310. -------------------------------------------
  311. "Gone Is The Face V Loved So Dear Silent Is The Face V Loved 2 Hear. Too Far Away 4 Sight Or Speech, But Not Too Far For Thought 2 Reach, Sweet 2 Remember Him Once Here, Who, Though Absent, Is Just As Dear...!!!"
  312. -------------------------------------------
  313. "The Arlington Confederate Monument Is A Denial Of the Wrong Committed Against African Americans By Slave Owners, Confederates & Neo Confederates, Through The Monument's Denial Of Slavery As The Cause Of Secession & Its Holding Up Of Confederates As Heroes, The Petitioners Said. "This Implies That The Humanity Of Africans & African Americans Is Of No Significance...!!!"
  314. -------------------------------------------
  315. "Several Southern States Continue 2 Set Aside A Special Day 4 Honouring The Confederate Dead, Which Is Usually Called Confederate Memorial Day...!!!"
  316. -------------------------------------------

  317. Happy Confederate Memorial Day 2014 in Usa Picture Wishes

  318. "Bridewell Spoke About The Legacy In Ideals The Fallen Confederate Soldiers Left Behind...!!!"
  319. -------------------------------------------
  320. "To Ur Strength Will B Given The Defence Of The Confederate Soldiers Good Name, The Guardianship Of His History, The Emulation Of His Virtues, The Perpetuation Of Those Principles Which He Loved & Which U Love Also, & Those Ideals Which Made Him Glorious & Which U Also Cherish...!!!"
  321. -------------------------------------------
  322. "When Lt. Gen.  Lee Gave Us The Charge & It Was Given 2 All Of Us He Left 4 Us Some Very Specific Tasks 2 Complete...!!!"
  323. -------------------------------------------
  324. "Bridewell Said His Grandfathers Were Dirt Poor Farmers & Newspaper Folks Who Didn't Have The Where With All’ 2 Support Another Person In Their Household Which Was Quite Typical...!!!"
  325. -------------------------------------------
  326. "Sadly Missed Along Life’s Way, Quietly Remembered Every Day,
  327. No Longer In our Life 2 Share, But In Our Hearts He’s Always There...!!!"
  328. -------------------------------------------

  329. Happy Confederate Memorial Day Flag Wishes 19 January 2014 Image Greetings

  330. "Something's Happened 2 America, & It Isn't Good. It's Become Easier 2 Get Into Trouble. We've Become A Nation Of A Million Rules. Not The Kind Of Bottom Up Rules That People Generate Through Voluntary Associations. Those R Fine. I Mean Imposed, Top Down Rules Formed In The Brains Of Meddling Bureaucrats Who Think They Know Better Than V How 2 Manage Our Lives. Cross Them, & V R In Trouble...!!!"
  331. -------------------------------------------
  332. "Let Us Return From A Regime Of Arbitrary Power 2 One Of Self Government...!!!"
  333. -------------------------------------------
  334. "For So Long, I've Lived Injustice, & Have Had 2 Struggle & Fight For My Freedom & My People's Freedom. I Think U Tend 2 Have More Passion 4 Freedom & 4 Rights 2 Exist, 4 U & 4 Everyone With That Kind Of Life, U Don't Take Things 4 Granted, U Want 2 Earn Every Step Of Ur Life. U Want 2 Work Hard, U Want 2 Achieve, U Want 2 Reach Where U Have Not Been Before...!!!"
  335. -------------------------------------------
  336. "The Celebration Of Heritage Was Part Of Confederate Memorial Day Which Was Observed Last Monday Commander Mike Gurley Said The Holiday Was Originally Known As Decoration Day...!!!"
  337. -------------------------------------------
  338. "This Is When The Ladies Would Decorate The Graves Of The Confederate Soldiers Gurley said...!!!"
  339. -------------------------------------------

  340. USA Flag Confederate Memorial Day 2014 Image Wishes

  341. "We Have A Whole Load Of Tasks Expected Of Us. Our Political Masters R Quite Happy 2 Reduce The Size Of The Armed Forces, But Their Appetite 2 Exercise Influence On The World Stage Is, Quite Understandably, The Same As It Has Always Been...!!!"
  342. -------------------------------------------
  343. "I Guess The Good Lord Made Me Dumb Enough Not 2 Believe In The Possibility Of Failure, & Dumb Enough Not 2 Think In Negative Terms, & Dumb Enough 2 Believe That It Takes Noble Thoughts 2 Produce Noble Deeds Yes, Dumb Enough 2 Have Faith, & Believe That It Can B Done. V Believe In What V Do, & V Seek Excellence In Everything V Do...!!!"
  344. -------------------------------------------
  345. "Leading Is High Stress Work. There Is No Way 2 Avoid The Constant Challenges Of Being Responsible 4 People, Organizations, Outcomes, & Uncertainties In The Environment. Leaders Who Move Up Have Greater Freedom 2 Control Their Destinies, But Also Experience Increased Pressure & Seduction...!!!"
  346. -------------------------------------------
  347. "So When Someone Tells U Something Is Too Complex 4 U 2 Understand, The Usual Reason Is That They Do Not Really Understand It Themselves. Sometimes They Know That They Do Not Really Understand It Often They Do Not. 4 The Inquisitive Intellectual, Few People R As Irritating As Those Whose Combination Of Ignorance & Arrogance Is So Profound That They Claim 2 Understand Things They Do Not Even Know They Do Not Know...!!!" 
  348. -------------------------------------------
  349. "I've Had A Strange Sense That Two Parallel Worlds Exist On This Planet A Stable, Progressively Growing, Developing World & An Unstable, Disintegrating, Chaotic World. The Two Worlds The Stable & The Unstable R Colliding..

  350. Although No Sculptured Marble Should Rise 2 Their Memory, Nor Engraved Stone Bear Record Of Their Deeds, Yet Will Their Remembrance B As Lasting As The Land They Honoured...!!!"
  351. Writer: Daniel Webster...!!!
  352. -------------------------------------------
  353. "With The Tears A Land Hath Shed Their Graves Should Ever B Green...!!!"
  354. Writer: Thomas Bailey Aldrich...!!!
  355. -------------------------------------------
  356. "Are They Dead That Yet Speak Louder Than V Can Speak, & A More Universal Language. R They Dead That Yet Act?  R They Dead That Yet Move Upon Society & Inspire The People With Nobler Motives & More Heroic Patriotism...!!!"
  357. Writer: Henry Ward Beecher...!!!
  358. -------------------------------------------
  359. "Green Sods R All Their Monuments & Yet It Tells A Nobler History Than Pillared Piles, Or The Eternal Pyramids...!!!"
  360. Writer: James Gates Percival...!!!
  361. -------------------------------------------
  362. Is't death to fall for Freedom's right? He's dead alone who lacks her light!
  363. Writer: Thomas Campbell...!!!
  364. -------------------------------------------

  365. Confederate Memorial Day Gitar Wishes Jan 19 2014 Card Picture Greetings

  366. "Patriotism Is Supporting Ur Country All The Time, & Ur Government When It Deserves It...!!!"
  367. Writer: Mark Twain...!!!
  368. -------------------------------------------
  369. "Guard Against The Impostures Of Pretended Patriotism...!!!"
  370. Writer: George Washington...!!!
  371. -------------------------------------------
  372. "A Man's Country Is Not A Certain Area Of Land, Of Mountains, Rivers, & Woods, But It Is A Principle & Patriotism Is Loyalty 2 That Principle...!!!"
  373. Writer: George William Curtis...!!!
  374. -------------------------------------------
  375. "Man Is A Military Animal, Glories In Gunpowder, & Loves Parade...!!!"
  376. Writer: Philip James Bailey...!!!
  377. -------------------------------------------
  378. "There R No Points Of The Compass On The Chart Of True Patriotism...!!!"
  379. Writer: Robert Charles Winthrop...!!!
  380. -------------------------------------------

  381. Happy Confederate Flage Memorial Day Wishes 19 January 2014 Image Greetings

  382. "I Have Long Believed That Sacrifice Is The Pinnacle Of Patriotism...!!!"
  383. Writer: Bob Riley...!!!
  384. -------------------------------------------
  385. "Patriotism Was A Living Fire Of Unquestioned Belief & Purpose...!!!"
  386. Writer: Frank Knox...!!!
  387. -------------------------------------------
  388. "There's Intense National Feeling In America That Could Be Called Patriotism...!!!"
  389. Writer: Michael Ignatius...!!!
  390. -------------------------------------------
  391. "The Average American Is Nothing If Not Patriotic...!!!"
  392. Writer: Herbert Croly...!!!
  393. -------------------------------------------
  394. "There Is Nothing Wrong With America That Cannot B Cured With What Is Right In America...!!!"
  395. Writer: William J-Clinton...!!!
  396. -------------------------------------------

  397. Confederate Flage Memorial Day Map Wishes 19 January 2014 Image Greetings

  398. "Memorial Day was extended after World War I to honour Americans who have died in all wars.  At first, it had been enacted to honour Union and Confederate soldiers following the American Civil War...!!!
  399. -------------------------------------------
  400. "My Fellow Americans, Ask Not What Ur Country Can Do 4 U, Ask What U Can Do 4 Ur Country...!!!"
  401. Writer: John F-Kennedy...!!!
  402. -------------------------------------------
  403. "I Love America More Than Any Other Country In This World, &, Exactly 4 This Reason, I Insist On The Right 2 Criticize Her Perpetually...!!!"
  404. Writer: James A-Baldwin...!!!
  405. -------------------------------------------
  406. "As America Celebrates Memorial Day, V Pay Tribute 2 Those Who Have Given Their Lives In Our Nation's Wars...!!!"
  407. Writer: John M-McHugh...!!!
  408. -------------------------------------------
  409. "Patriotism Consists Not In Waving The Flag, But In Striving That Our Country Shall B Righteous As Well As Strong...!!!"
  410. Writer: James Bryce..

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