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Here is your Paragraph on Indian Youth

  1. It is seen with worry that the young in India are caught up with soaking up the soul of the West. The fever for shimmer and the sparkle of the materialistic development of the West makes them imitators, frequently unsuccessful imitators of a progress outsider to them. In the process they are weaned far from their own way of life. They stay rootless. At last they end up in a dead zone. The Indian youth have none however themselves to fault for this. The opportunity has already come and gone the Indian youth surrendered pursuing the West and experienced their indigenous culture. This is an endeavor at awakening the present era to their own aged legacy. Indian has all through esteemed her religious convictions, clutched her otherworldly existence. The Indian methods of insight, the Indian religion, all lecture and educate renunciation. The spirit is better than the body. Otherworldly life is the genuine living. Realism and common life are a hallucination. Life for the Indian is a mission for God, for the Interminable, past the confinements of time and space. The Indians esteem introspective philosophy, the going past the seen to the inconspicuous, past the physical to the otherworldly, past the evident to the genuine. The honest to goodness Indian personality is not influenced by realism and corporate greed. It seeks further into the Soul.

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