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Honesty is the best Policy

  1. The old plan of qualities is presently falling into pieces. Checking out a man now effortlessly finds that untrustworthy and degenerate individuals are gaining enduring ground and are substantially prosperous. Normally, a question emerges for him – what is the need of keeping up strict genuineness or taking after a fair course of life? 

  2. The answer is, in any case, not far to look for. A few people may increase some high post or score a marvelous accomplishment by sketchy means yet that is all in the short run. At last, it is the genuine and upright man that wins the palm (grandness). So Swami Vivekananda used to state – no honorable deed can be performed by smart traps (chalaki). Commitment and industriousness are called for to fulfill each work, extraordinary or little. 

  3. It is this association the old story merits reviewing. The hatchet (short iron piece) of a woodcutter fell into the stream by chance he was occupied with cutting branches of a tree. The poor individual started to cry and implored God to help him. At that point the water-God left water with a brilliant hatchet and offered it to the upset woodcutter. However, the last declined to acknowledge it since it was not his own. Next, the Water-God accompanied a fragment hatchet and temptingly offered it to woodcutter. Once more, the poor individual declined. Finally, the iron hatchet was offered to him and he happily and thankfully acknowledged it. Gandhiji prompted Parsi Rustamji, his South-African companion and customer, to admit his blame of carrying to the Traditions officer concerned and pay the full punishment in atonement. Rustomji kept Gandhiji's recommendation and genuinely sought after his exchange from that point. He made colossal fortune then.

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