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How to Get Rid of Peeling Skin With Home Remedies

@A day out in the sun is fun. It can also result in sunburn and the horrific after effects of peeling that is painful, itchy as well as ugly to look at. Skin peels off and exposes under portions. Skin peeling on hands gives you itch and a burning sensation. Peeling of skin on the face can lead to blisters. Do you @wish to continue with this situation or would you like to know how to get rid of peeling skin? If you do, read on.

Use water to cool down skin

Water brings relief in cases of skin peels.

Take a cold shower and stay under the shower for some time.
Pat your skin dry and at no cost should you rub it vigorously to remove it.
Let time take its course.
@Use Moisturizing lotion

@Once your skin dries use some moisturizer to keep the top layer a little bit moist.
A herbal based moisturizer is good.

Herbal Moisturizer-Aloe Vera

Synthetic moisturizers specifically formulated to deal with peeling of skin as a result of sunburn are effective. An effective alternative is aloe vera, a natural moisturizer (Benefits Of Aloe Vera For Skin).

Take a fresh leaf of aloe vera
Peel off the outer green layer and grate the inner jelly like substance
@Spread it over your skin where you observe peeling.
Aloe vera soothes, reduces inflammation and quickens healing.
Coconut oil remedy to get rid of peeling skin

@Coconut oil is humectant and soothes irritated skin while promoting healing.

@Apply cool coconut oil to the portions where you observe skin peeling.
Let the oil stay on the whole day or whole night.
You should experience relief.
Coconut oil, Oatmeal and Vitamin E remedy

An even better remedy to get rid of peeling skin is to use coconut oil, oatmeal and vitamin E.

@Make a paste with coconut oil, oatmeal and vitamin E oil extracted from Vitamin E capsules
Rub gently on skin peeling on hands and skin peels on the face.
Let it stay on for the night
@This mixture prevents scarring, skin damage and promotes healing.
Milk is kind for the skin

@Milk is one of the finest remedies for peeling skin. It has proteins, lactic acid and fats in the right proportion to help bring relief and promote healing.

Take warm, cream rich milk
@Add a little bit of turmeric to make a paste.
You can add a little bit of sandalwood powder too.
Apply this to areas from where skin is peeling and leave it on for an hour.
Gently wash with water.
Use Lemon and Sugar to Remove Peeling Skin

@Lemon is acidic and may cause a burning sensation but when combined with sugar and a little bit of coconut oil, it is a good way to remove peeling skin

Take powdered sugar and add just enough of lemon juice to make a thick paste.
Add a little coconut oil to this paste.
Apply to your face.
Leave this on for an hour.
Wash with cold water and pat skin dry.
Rose is cooling

@Rose is known for its cooling properties. Beauty benefits of rose water. It is also astringent. Here is how you use rose to bring relief from burning sensations caused by peeling of skin.

Make a paste of fresh rose petals.
Add a drop or two of glycerin.
Apply to areas where skin peels.
Leave it on for 20 minutes.
Wash with cold water afterwards.
The mechanical method of removing peeling skin

@If your skin is badly sunburnt and is lifting off then you might benefit by using this method.

@Take a bath, preferably in a tub to make skin soft
Pat yourself dry.
Observe areas where skin is peeling
Take small scissors and cut around the areas where the skin has actually lifted off from the underlying layer, taking care not to pull skin that is still stuck. It will lift off in time.
Apply aloe vera gel or liquid on the areas where skin has peeled.
Honey, a sweet way to treat peeling skin

@Honey is a natural moisturizer. It protects skin against infection and reduces inflammation too.

@Combine it with other agents like sandalwood powder, rice flour or turmeric and apply on peeling skin.
Wash after 30 minutes and repeat every day.
Mint and Curd paste remedy

@Mint has a calming and cooling effect on the skin while proteins and fats in curds will moisturize and revitalize your skin. The combination is good for peeling skin.

@Make a paste of mint leaves and squeeze through a piece of cloth to separate fibers.
Add to curds and beat to a smooth paste. Add a drop of tea tree oil for a nice smell.
Apply on peeling skin and wash after half an hour.

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