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insomnia quotes sayings status now

    • The Worst Thing In The World Is To Try To Sleep And Not To.

    • 12) I Wasn’t To Sleep But My Brain Won’t Stop Talking To Itself.

    • 13) Morning: Tired, Afternoon: Dying For A Rest, Night: Can’t Sleep.

    • 14) Do Not Believe All The Things You Tell Yourself Late At Night.#Insomnia Quotes

    • 15) I Only Sleep With People I Love, Which Is Why I Have Insomnia.

    • 16) Every night, It’s An Endless Battle Between Sleep & The Internet.

    • 17) Dear Mind, Please Top Thinking So Much At Night. I Need To Sleep.

    • 18) Mu Nights Are For Overthinking, My Mornings Are For Oversleeping.

    • 19) I’M So Tired But I’ll Probably Be Awake Until 3 Am For No Reason.

    • 20) i have forgotten what it’s like to have a normal sleeping pattern@@@Insomnia Quotes 

    • 21) Nothing Cures Insomnia Like The Realization That It’s Time To Get Up.

    • 22) I Think The Most Common Cause Of Insomnia Is Simple; It’s Loneliness.

    • 23) Insomnia Is A Glamorous Term For Thoughts You Forgot To Have In The Day.

    • 24) With Insomnia, You’re Never Really Awake, But You’re Never Really Asleep.

    • 25) Insomnia Is Just Another Word For Chit Chat With The Demons During Bedtime.

    • 26) I Struggle Between Wanting To Stay Up Late And Wanting Extra Hours Of Sleep.

    • 27) There’s No Such Thing As Insomnia. Just A Lot Of People With Internet Access.

    • 28) Every Night I Go To Sleep Late, And Every Morning I Realize It Was A Bad Idea. Insomnia Quotes@

    • 29) I Don’t Always Go To Bed At 10:30 Pm. But When I Do, I Fall Asleep At 3:00 Am.

    • 30) Dear 3 Am, We Have Got To Stop Meeting This Way. I’D Much Rather Sleep With You.

    • 31) The Last Refuge Of The Insomniac Is A Sense Of Superiority To the Sleeping World.

    • 32) It’s Hard To Sleep At Night When There’s So Many Thoughts Going Through Your Head.

    • 33) Insomnia The Art Of Falling Asleep Just As Your Alarm Goes Off To Start The Day.

    • 34) If You Can’t Sleep, Then You Can’t Dream, If You Can’t Dream, Then What’s Life Mean ?

    • 35) Loneliness, Insomnia, And Change : The Fear Of These Is Even Worse Than The Reality.

    • 36) I Have A Condition That Makes Me Eat When I Can’t Sleep. It’s Called Insom-Nom-Nom-Nia.

    • 37) 3 Out Of 4 Voices In My Head Want To Sleep. The Other Wants To Know If Penguins Have Knees ! ( Insomnia Quotes )

    • 38) Why Sleep, When You Can Stay Up Late Every Night Being Sad, Then Feel Like Shit The Next Day.

    • 39) My Body And Heart Weren’t Made For This. I’M Tired Of Being Tired And I’M Tired Of Being Sad.

    • 40) Legend Says, When You Can’T Sleep At Night, It’s Because You’re Awake In Someone Else’s Dream.

    • 41) Only He Who Has Not Suffered From Insomnia, May Think That Everything Is As Good As It Could Be.

    • 42) I Lay In Bed, For Hours In The Dark, At Night. Thinking About, Every Possible Thing, In My Life.

    • 43) I’M Going Insane But That’s Okay Because My Grades Are More Important Than My Mental Health Anyways. ( Insomnia Quotes )

    • 44) When You Have Insomnia, Nothing Was Real. Everything A Far Away, Everything As Copy Of Copy Of Copy.

    • 45) Crying Is The Only Way Your Eyes Speak When You Mouth Cant Explain How Things Made Your Heartbroken.

    • 46) Some People Can’t Sleep Because They Have Insomnia. I Can’t Sleep Because I Have A Internet Connection.

    • 47) I Hate Insomnia, Because It Puts Me Into A State Of Reminiscing Memories That I Don’t Want To Think About.

    • 48) Sleeping Without A Bra Improves Quality Of Sleep By Over 95% And Is And Effective Way To Treating Insomnia.

    • 49) Nowadays, People Confuse Insomnia With A Lack Of Will To Turn Off Electronic Devices And Logout Of Social Networks####Insomnia Quotes

    • 50) All It Takes Is A Beautiful Fake Smiles To Hide An Injured Soul And They Will Never Notice How Broken You Really Are.

    • 51) Me: Let Me Sleep. Brain : LOL No, Let’s Stay Awake And Remember Every Stupid Decision You Made In Your Life. Me: Okay.

    • 52) Insomnia Is More Common For Those Who Have A High I.Q. Intelligent People Have A Harder Time Switching Off Their Brain.

    • 53) Very Private People Have Mastered The Art Of Telling You Little About Themselves But Doing It In A Such A Way You Think You Know A Lot.

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