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Lieutenant Colonel Victor Harry

  • Lieutenant Colonel Victor Harry[1] Jones OBE was an English insight officer and "visual misleading" master amid the Second World War. In the first place presenting with the fourteenth/twentieth Ruler's Hussars amid the North African Battle, he became well known utilizing sham tanks (and other fake vehicles) to delude the foe. In 1941 he was exchanged to A Drive in Cairo, under Dudley Clarke, to proceed with duplicity operations on a bigger scale. At the end of the war he was invalided home to Broadway, Worcestershire.The first record of Jones is a presenting on the fourteenth/twentieth Lord's Hussars, where he started a few sham tank operations and turned into a specialist in visual trickiness techniques.[2] In June 1936 he was elevated to the rank of major.[3] In Spring or April 1941, Jones joined Dudley Clarke's "A" Constrain, the division administering key double dealing in the Mediterranean, Center East and African theaters. Jones was placed accountable for visual trickiness operations, used to confound the foe with regards to the area and quality of Unified strengths. Amid 1941 he supervised the creation and sending of three regiments of sham vehicles, the outlines developing relentlessly more detailed affected by his "A" Compel partners and the individuals from the disguise segment. In August he was elevated to lieutenant colonel.[2][4] 

  • Jones quickly charged "A" Compel from July 1941 after it was set under the sponsorship of another double dealing division, GSI(d). Clarke was placed in general charge of this attempt, leaving Jones ostensibly the leader of "A" Drive. Be that as it may, by September the examination had fizzled and the trickiness offices in Cairo returned to their past organisation.[5] By August, "A" Compel was completely operational and running its first significant misleading. Operation Gather was a cover plan to camouflage the genuine date of Operation Crusader. In the wake of seeing Gather began, Clarke left for Lisbon, leaving Jones to deal with the operation nearby knowledge administrators Brigadier Shearer and lieutenant colonel Raymund Maunsell. Amid this period the three teamed up to set up Operation Cheddar, the primary twofold operator divert in the Mediterranean.[6] 

  • Preceding 1942, Jones' fake tank compel was fairly casual, conveyed as required in duplicities. Nonetheless, for the Clash of Alam el Halfa, toward the end of August 1942, the fakes got to be fourth Defensively covered Unit (an as of late disbanded development) and, blended with genuine tanks, were given the undertaking of harrying Rommel's flanks. Amid this time Jones, as leader of the Detachment, was quickly elevated to the rank of Brigadier (a rank which was evacuated taking after finish of the El Alamein campaign).[7] In September 1942 Jones was designated Officer of the Request of the English Empire.[8] On 13 January 1944 he got a Say in Despatches "in acknowledgment of heroic and recognized administrations in the Center East".[9] Jones resigned from the armed force on 12 August 1948 and was allowed the privileged rank of lieutenant colonel.Jones is portrayed as a socialite. He had a wide hover of very much associated companions in Cairo, about whom he would talk finally. The American Colonel William H. Baumer, who met Jones in Walk 1943, portrayed him as "one of the individuals who spends his each word attempting to awe with his colleagues and arrangements of names".[4][11] Jones was father to the English racehorse mentor, Harry Thomson Jones

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