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Life Is Defined By Our Expectations

  • He should be occupied. 

  • I am a resigned man. 

  • He is a working proficient. 

  • I have 24 hours consistently to brood over my past recollections. 

  • I continue sitting tight for his answer to my messages. 

  • He is occupied with his expert life, his family life, and his social life. 

  • The desires 

  • I wish on the off chance that he could impart his life to me. 

  • In any case, there is an era crevice, 

  • There is minimal shot of ordinary fellowship - sharing correspondence. 

  • Fellowship grows better, between same age-bunch people. 

  • With me, he can simply support a formal, well disposed relationship. 

  • I needed to impart to my companion: 

  • My musings about my 94 years of age father; 

  • My stresses for my life partner, after me; 

  • Furthermore, my incomplete employments, before God gets back to me. 

  • In any case, he is so occupied! 

  • It is a "reward" period for me, as I am more than 70 years - the normal age for an Indian male. 

  • God has as of now implied: the landing of seniority, for me. 

  • I am under treatment for hyper-thyroid. 

  • Much thanks to You, God 

  • I am grateful to God for my companions. 

  • There are 5 of them, barring my folks: 

  • My kin, mate, and my children - as per the pattern in which of appearance in my life. 

  • I have frequently pondered, 'To what extent I ought to live?' 

  • I do comprehend; I have no power over it. 

  • I appeal to God: 

  • I ought to never be a risk to my family. 

  • Let me out-experience my folks: who are 94 and 90; 

  • Give me a chance to carry on a day more than my significant other, 

  • To empower her to keep living continuous, in same mood, with 'yours really', at her administration. 

  • May there be no change, amid her lifetime. 

  • What's more, she keeps on appreciating the advantage of censuring me, for anything that has turned out badly in her life. 

  • What's more, with all her pestering, and trust deficiency, regardless I, encounter her affection for me in her eyes. 

  • Much obliged to You God, for taking after FIFO in our family. 

  • It would be ideal if you keep it up.

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