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Mahatma Gandhi’s played for the upliftment of Harijans

  • Numerous religious and social reformers attempted to end this underhanded practice without much impact. Be that as it may, amid the national development, Mahatma Gandhi made the annihilation of un-touchability one of his objectives. He had once said that the way "Untouchability" was spreading in the Hindu Society, it was against both the man and the God. It resembled a toxic substance eating into the very vitals of Hindu religion. As he would see it, it didn't have the authorize of the Hindu sacred texts. 

  • Satisfying this, Mahatma Gandhi announced that the untouchables were "Harijans" signifying 'the general population of God'. He attempted to try and incorporate them into the Indian National Congress and the opportunity development. He ran and remained with them in their provinces, shared suppers and played out every one of the errands of cleaning alongside them. In his ashram, every one of his devotees attempted to take after his reasoning. Open meals were composed in which individuals communicated their sentiments against the act of untouchability by eating with individuals of various groups. Hence, many individuals dismisses this practice and the unbending nature of rank tenets was surrendered for the improvement of all.

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