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main features of demonstration-cum-discussion method

  1. The primary components of showing cum-discourse strategy are as per the following: 

  2. (i) The exhibition cum-exchange strategy is not a solitary technique. It is mix of two techniques, all the more obviously a resultant strategy coming about because of the mix of discourse technique and additionally show technique. 

  3. (ii) This strategy includes the dynamic cooperation of educators and understudies in the meantime, which is improbable in different techniques. Say in address strategy, the instructor is dynamic, in research facility work and in Heuristic technique; understudies are dynamic etc. 

  4. (iii) Showing cum-exchange technique for showing science empowers most extreme measure of support among understudies than different strategies. 

  5. (iv) Showing cum-exchange technique through gathering cooperation creates sharp perception control and logical thinking in understudies, which is impractical either in address strategy or in Heuristic strategy. 

  6. (v) Show cum-dialog technique is the main strategy in which the intrigue and enthusiasm of understudies is kept up. 

  7. (vi) Show cum-dialog technique creates ability in logical considering. These are a portion of the principle components of exhibition cum-exchange technique. 

  8. The Points of interest and Detriments of the Strategy are talked about Beneath: 

  9. Points of interest: 

  10. (1) This strategy is financial from the perspective of cash and time. 

  11. (2) The strategy complies with the manage of "learning by doing", what the understudies do or see they learn. So this strategy is especially mental. 

  12. (3) It is helpful when the device required for pragmatic work is expensive. There the educator can ad lib the mechanical assembly and exhibit it. 

  13. (4) If the instructor needs to overhaul a portion of the standards of science subject, he can do it by exhibition cum-examination technique. 

  14. (5) Through this strategy free train is kept up. 

  15. (6) This strategy creates expertise in taking care of device, freethinking and co-agent soul among understudies. 

  16. Detriments: 

  17. (1) If show cum-exchange technique is not legitimately utilized, then all understudies don't get an opportunity to participate either in examination or in experimentation. Accordingly, the guideline of 'Learning by doing' is not submitted to this strategy. 

  18. (2) The understudies don't get immediate encountering of doing analysis. So their expertise in contraption taking care of is not legitimately created. 

  19. (3) If the educator does not fare thee well, understudies get to be indiscipline through this strategy.

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