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Management as a Process

  1. As a procedure, administration alludes to a progression of between related capacities. It is the procedure by which administration makes, works and coordinates purposive association through deliberate, facilitated and co-worked human endeavors, as indicated by George R. Terry, "Administration is a particular procedure comprising of arranging, sorting out, activating and controlling, performed to decide and finish expressed goal by the utilization of individuals and different assets". As a procedure, administration comprises of three viewpoints: 

  2. Administration is a social procedure - Since human variable is most critical among alternate elements, hence administration is worried with creating relationship among individuals. It is the obligation of administration to make association between individuals - beneficial and valuable for acquiring hierarchical objectives. 

  3. Administration is an incorporating procedure - Administration embraces the occupation of uniting human physical and money related assets in order to accomplish authoritative reason. In this manner, is a vital capacity to bring concordance between different variables. 

  4. Administration is a persistent procedure - It is an endless procedure. It is worried with continually distinguishing the issue and fathoming them by making sufficient strides. It is an on-going procedure.

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