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My Present Perception on the Surroundings

  1. The immense Trinity God appears to have quit watching us 

  2. The worshipped mountain God too is not taking care of us 

  3. The blessed water has quit looking after us 

  4. The colossal sanctuary experts don't watch us any more 

  5. Our kindred creatures aren't observing 

  6. Our mystery society barely look after us 

  7. The individuals who have been watching, I consider them as my dependable regular companions 

  8. The individuals who have not been watching, I admire them as my regarded divine companions 

  9. I am going over towards the very strategies 

  10. I am running over towards internal 

  11. I feel I have carried on with my life in full 

  12. I don't feel hunger any longer 

  13. I don't feel thirst any longer 

  14. Yes, I'm eating nourishment 

  15. Be that as it may, truly, I have no comprehension on what nourishment intends to me now 

  16. Do you think you are sufficiently bold? 

  17. All things considered, I feel I brag certain level of methodical boldness 

  18. What I feel is that, it's the strong sun who makes hunger and thirst 

  19. Both my thirst and craving are uneven at this point 

  20. I don't wish to survive sans nourishment and water 

  21. It's actual yet then if the circumstance requests, I am prepared to trade off 

  22. It infers that the sole approach to make due on our plant would be to a great degree extreme 

  23. I realize that I profoundly feel to help everyone 

  24. In any case, the issue is that individuals appear to be hesitant towards my dreams, emotions and words 

  25. I comprehend individuals today are just driven to profit 

  26. Adwaita is the way to internal nature 

  27. Today achievement is just gaged by how smooth one's words are 

  28. Today disappointment characterizes a characteristic result of aggravating words 

  29. Yes, I am sure about my insight about each craftsmanship 

  30. I am sure about my familiarity with each feline 

  31. I am aware of each creature 

  32. I know about each human 

  33. In the event that anyone tosses a test at me, he would survive 

  34. On the off chance that they want to tune in to my words, they won't survive 

  35. I am sure that I am really acing 

  36. I am certain that I am really perusing 

  37. I am almost certain that I am consistently dashing 

  38. I additionally realize that I'm wilting 

  39. I know the moon and sun aren't really tuning in 

  40. The Mars and Earth have been tranquil for a really long time 

  41. The Venus and Jupiter appear to sob 

  42. The Neptune and different planets appear to tremble 

  43. The huge universe is really pulling back 

  44. The creation has begun to end up distinctly imbalanced 

  45. Nature is by all accounts pulling back 

  46. The sun is by all accounts pulling back 

  47. The moon looks like as though it is relentlessly scattering 

  48. Furthermore, here I am consistently tuning in 

  49. Yes, I'm tuning in 

  50. Furthermore, if this goes on 

  51. The entire creation would soon crumple 

  52. No, I won't survive 

  53. Be that as it may, then, the general population, the others, would survive 

  54. I am completely mindful that my comprehension does not precisely adjust to individuals' understanding 

  55. Yes, I am full mindful that I am a hesitant pioneer 

  56. Honestly, on the off chance that anybody feels that he merits my extremely nearness, he is fortunate 

  57. I am properly moving towards exemplary equity 

  58. On the off chance that anyone raises any obstacle, he would surely lose 

  59. The entire creation is en route to crumple 

  60. Yes, I am especially tuning in 

  61. Be that as it may, then, no, I won't proceed 

  62. I won't bring 

  63. Nor I would deal with 

  64. I would without a doubt bow my make a beeline for the forceful sun 

  65. I would positively bow my make a beeline for the immense earth 

  66. Soon, many would experience the ill effects of loss of vision 

  67. Soon, disharmony would begin to crawl into many lives 

  68. It is the normal aftereffect of their absence of comprehension in paying notice to my words 

  69. I'm continually tuning in to our reality 

  70. Nature is constantly mindful to me 

  71. The incineration isn't far, it's now present 

  72. I'm neither going to bite the dust nor live 

  73. As indicated by me, there is only one single extent 

  74. The outcome, still, is not really given 

  75. Actually, we have a non specific outcome here 

  76. Be that as it may, planning isn't precisely non specific 

  77. I am immovably holding 

  78. I view myself as the adored ruler of a royal residence 

  79. Io additionally see myself as the considerable lord of a castle 

  80. I don't bolster anyone 

  81. ↪No, I won't bolster a solitary soul 

  82. The day is by all accounts advancing towards conclusive judgment 

  83. ↺Our humankind is by all accounts living to the very consequence 

  84. ↺At the end of the day, yes, I am really tuning in 

  85. ↻I'm really tuning in 

  86. ⇡Be that as it may, do you want to tune in to my exceptionally voice? 

  87. ⇷Do you want t⍆o tune in to my extremely breath? 

  88. ⇯I am really acing⍈

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