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New Best friendship sayings sms

  1. Being your friend is the best thing that could have happened to me, because only a true friend will accept you for who you are. A true friend will nurture, support and tell you your mistakes so you can have the opportunity to improve. A friend like you is what I need.
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  3. :: Thank you very much for being my friend, I have discovered great truths and learned many things thanks to you. I appreciate you a lot.
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  5. :: Friendship is a feeling that is maintained over time. Never destroy a true friendship; it will surely be hard for you to find a similar one. Be tolerant and patient, therein lies the meaning of life and a good friendship.
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  9. :: One of the greatest gifts that anyone can give you, is undoubtedly, a sincere friendship. Be grateful for what you have and for the friend which will now become a part of your reality.
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  11. :: Sometimes we do not realize about the true value of friendship, until pride leads us to its loss. If you have a friend, keep it. Do not get rid of people so easily.
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  13. :: A good friend is someone who wants you to be happy. If you find out that there is someone like this around you, keep him/her close to you, if you do not, you might lose a wonderful person.
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  15. :: Friendship is what really counts, because they say that even though love reaches an end, the feeling of friendship is eternal, for there is nothing like a friend who supports you because he/she wants to and not because he/she feels it is an obligation to stand by your side.
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  18. :: A good friendship is always selfless. When you really care about someone, you will always be there for that person, without even thinking about whether you could be somewhere else doing something better. 
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