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New Slap Day Shayari Best

  1. I love your smile, your face and you eyes, 
  2. damn i m good at telling lies! 
  3. You asked me to become your valentine during valentines week 
  4. I was busy with my valentine, but here is an answer to your proposal. 
  5. Tdaak.(slap). Happy Slap Day

  6. Jab Ap hamse rooth jaoge Jab aap hamse khafa hojaoge 
  7. Jab aap hamein bhool jaoge Tab Aisa Thappar Marungi ki sab yaad aajayega 
  8. Happy Slap Day

  9. Santa ko Ek zor Daar Thapar Pada pata q
  10. Ek Ladki Ka Mangetar Mar Gaya, Ladki Laash Ko Dekh Kar Rote Hue Boli.
  11. Ladki: “Abhi To Mene Kuch Bhi Nahi Dekha Thha”
  12. Sath Mein Santa Khada Thha, Sun Ke Usko Dilaasa Deta Hua Bola.
  13. Santa: “Abhi Thodi Der Mein Nahlayenge Tab Dekh Lena.
  14. Happy Slap Day 

  15. Top 20 Valentine Day Status in Hindi For Girlfriend Boyfriend Lover
  16. Slap Day SMS
  17. Look at yourself in the mirror
  18. And slap yourself hard.
  19. And you will realize the pain you had given me throughout.
  20. Happy Slap day!

  21. Yesterday someone asked me
  22. how to handle unwanted proposal during valentine’s week.
  23. I suggested A Slap is the best choice.
  24. Either verbal or physical…
  25. Happy Slap Day !!

  27. {*Happy} Valentine Day Quotes in Hindi - 2016
  28. Slap Day Status
  29. Look at yourself in the mirror
  30. And slap yourself hard.
  31. And you will realize the pain
  32. you had given me throughout.
  33. Happy Slap day

  34. For 1st time I realy want to Celebrate dis
  35. Specially with u.
  36. Plz apna gaal aage karein,
  37. I wana give u something on ur Cheeks,SLAP (chataak)Happy Slap Day

  38. On this slap day let us not slap the person but “slap the ties”. 
  39. You can send a “slap card” or a “slap email”. 
  40. Happy Slap Day 

  41. .I began imagining scenes in public
  42. which some drunk would come up to me and
  43. slap me in the face.
  44. Nothing like that ever happened, but
  45. I often wonder if
  46. I would have turned the other cheek.
  47. !!Happy Slap day.

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