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New Year Wishes for Dad2017

  1. No Other Father Could Be Great Like You Dad,
  2. You Have Been Taking Care Of Me
  3. In Virtually Every Situation
  4. Your Love Is Unmistakably
  5. Priceless And Pre~cious.
  6. I Pray To God That This New Year
  7. Expands Your Days Of Life.

  8. 2016 New Year Wishes for Father from Son
  9. You are the best mother in the whole world
  10. When I need you, I didn’t call you
  11. You will understa~nd my problem
  12. You will solve my problems without saying anything
  13. You are the best mother
  14. Happy New Year 2017

  15. New Year Wishes for Papa
  16. Ι Love You Papa. Τhank you so much for completing Μy life with such Αn amazing heavenly gift. Ι am sorry~ fοr all Τhe wrong things Ι did. Ι hope one day I will get courage to tell yοu Αll the feelings Ι have for yοu and all Τhe words Ι never said. Happy New Year 2017

  17. Best New Year Wishes Sms for Dad
  18. Dad, for working so hard,
  19. For being the best provider,
  20. And for bein~g me protector,
  21. I thank you so much.
  22. I wish you’ll have good health and
  23. More blessings to come.
  24. Happy New Year to You..

  25. All My Prayers Are With You
  26. Even In The Darkest Hour Of Life.
  27. I Pray That This New Year Bring With It
  28. Light In Your Precious Life,
  29. The Courage To Fight With Your Vices
  30. And Also Make Peace With Everyone.

  31. Happy New Year Wishes messages for Parents
  32. Ι thank Allah fοr giving Μe such Α great father and Mother, I am glad tο have you as Μy parents!! Who ~loves me even after my so Μany mistakes Τhey cares for Μe. Ι love you Βoth from bottom οf my heart. happy New Year 2017

  33. This year brings much happiness for you
  34. I know you are sticking many time
  35. But you just do it ~for our right path
  36. Happy New Year 2017

  37. Best New Year Quotes for Father
  38. Neither The Best Books Nor The Best Teachers
  39. Could Have Tau~ght Me What You Did, Father.
  40. I Look Forward Excitedly
  41. To Start One More Year Alongside
  42. My Biggest Source Of Inspiration – You.

  43. New Year Wishes for Mother
  44. My mother I am never says always that I love you
  45. I always care you, but mostly I don’t show
  46. But I always n~eed your care
  47. Happy New Year 2017my mother

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