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notes on the functions, classification and sources of Minerals

  • Human body contains more than 50 compound components. These minerals are acquired mostly through nourishment. Minerals make up l/twentieth of body weight. 

  • Elements of minerals 

  • 1. They are the constituents of bone and teeth and required for their development e.g. calcium and phosphorus. 

  • 2. They are the constituents of different body tissues e.g. press, phosphorus. 

  • 3. They keep up electrolyte adjust in body liquids e.g. sodium, potassium and chloride. 

  • 4. They keep up tone and elements of muscles e.g. sodium and calcium. 

  • 5. They animate stomach related emissions. 

  • 6. They are important for development. 

  • Characterization of minerals 

  • 1. Real minerals'. Calcium, phosphorus, sodium, potassium and magnesium. 

  • 2. Follow components with known capacities: press, iodine, fluorine, zinc and copper. 

  • 3. Follow components with no known capacities, lead, mercury, barium and aluminum. 

  • CALCIUM _________________________ 

  • It shapes 1.5 to 2 for each penny of body weight. A normal grown-up body contains 1200 grams of calcium. Of this 98 for every penny is available 

  • in bones. 

  • Capacities 

  • 1. It is fundamental for development of bones and teeth. 

  • 2. It is required for the coagulating of blood. 

  • 3. It manages the withdrawal of muscles. 

  • 4. It is required for heart activity and drain creation. 

  • 5. It changes light into electrical driving forces in the retina. 

  • 6. It frames a part of a few chemicals. 

  • Sources 

  • 1. Drain and drain items like cheddar, curd and spread drain. They circular segment the best characteristic wellsprings of calcium. 

  • 2. Green verdant vegetables like spinach. 

  • 3. Millets like ragi. 

  • Insufficiency: 

  • Insufficiency of calcium prompts to rickets in youngsters and osteomalacia in grown-ups. Additionally it prompts to postponed blood thickening. 

  • Necessity: 400 to 500 mg for every day.

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