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Notes on the merits and demerits of Quartile Deviation

  • Benefits of Quartile Deviation: 

  • (1) It is anything but difficult to ascertain and easy to take after. 

  • (2) It is not influenced by the outrageous values and is, along these lines, helpful in skewed dispersions. 

  • (3) It is the main technique for scattering pertinent if there should be an occurrence of 'open-end classes'. 

  • Bad marks: 

  • (1) Since Quartile Deviation depends on Quartiles, now and again it is not inflexibly characterized. 

  • (2) It doesn't consider every one of the perceptions in the arrangement. Consequently it is not agent. 

  • (3) It is not prepared to do promote logarithmic treatment. 

  • (4) It is not a steady measure of scattering as it is influenced particularly by changes of inspecting. 

  • (5) In a symmetrical dispersion, the estimation of the middle which is the second Quartile of the appropriation lies halfway amongst Q1 and Q3. Assuming in any case, the arrangement in non-symmetrical, Md does not lie halfway amongst Q1 and Q3. In the event that the arrangement is symmetrical md + Q. D ought to break even with Q3 and Q1. 

  • On the off chance that it is non-symmetrical md + Q.D won't be equivalent to Q3 and Q1. 

  • To that degree Quartile Deviation gives a poor picture of scattering.

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