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Paragraph on William

  • On the Grasshopper and cricket" is a fine piece of Keats. It is a Petrarchan poem. It has an intriguing anecdote about its root. On December 30th, 1816, Keats and his companion Clarke went out to Hampstead to go through a night with Leigh Chase. 

  • In course of their examination, when their discussion turned on crickets, Chase proposed to Keats the test of composing without even a moment's pause, a piece on the Grasshopper and the cricket. This piece was a quick result of that test. 

  • Here he communicates his conviction that verse is by one means or another specifically made in the artist's spirit by nature. Nature and verse is one and a similar thing. Each protest of nature like a winged animal, a grasshopper, a cricket, a blossom and so on motivates the writer to make verse. 

  • Keats' own verse states this truth. Composing verse offers him a type of escape from the substances of life. He innovatively pictures the riddle of man's relationship with nature. In Keats' mind nature and verse are indistinguishable. Thusly, to him the verse of earth is never dead. 

  • Keats' faculties were distinctly alive to the excellence of common marvels. In every one of the lines of the piece, he appears than, whatever the season, something is continually going ahead in the physical world which offers to the creative energy and faculties.

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