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Paragraphs on Nation

  1. Like nationality the expression "country" is additionally gotten from the normal word "Natus" which generally hints birth or race. Various meanings of the expression "country" have been given by different political scholars. Here we cite a couple of them. 

  2. Holding fast to the etymological importance Burgess characterizes a country as "a populace of an ethnic solidarity, occupying a domain of a geological unity".'' By ethnic solidarity he signifies, "a populace having basic dialect and writing, a typical custom and basic awareness of good and bad". 

  3. His definition has been censured by Holcombe and others on the ground that a country has not been viewed as an ethnic gathering either in customary use or in Political Science. A few authors have condemned Burgess on the ground that ethnic solidarity is not mandatory for nationality. 

  4. A.E. Zimmern characterizes a country as "an assortment of individuals joined by a corporate assessment of curious power, closeness and respect identified with a positive home nation". As indicated by Ruler Bryce, "Country is a nationality which has sorted out itself into a political body autonomous or wanting to be free". Teacher R.N. Gilchrist watches, "Country is extremely close in intending to state in addition to nationality". As indicated by Hayes, "A nationality by gaining political solidarity and sovereign autonomy turns into a country". 

  5. The meanings of country cited above unmistakably demonstrate that the expression "National" alludes to a gathering of individuals more often than not of a similar race, inhabitant on a similar domain, sharing a typical dialect, a similar religion, comparative history and conventions, normal interests with regular political affiliations and basic beliefs of political solidarity. 

  6. For instance, when we talk about the English Country, we signify "the English individuals composed in one state and acting suddenly as a solidarity". Likewise, when we talk about Pakistan we mean the general population of Pakistan sorted out in one state and acting suddenly as solidarity. 

  7. Before 1947, the Indian Muslims had their different nationality and after segment when they prevailing with regards to arranging their own state, they started to be called Pakistani nationals and their state started to be known as a country.

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