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run and long run production functions

  1. A maker utilizes different contributions for creating a product. The most critical calculate choosing the extent in which different data sources ought to be utilized for guaranteeing a given level of yield is the specialized prerequisite. What number of units of different sources of info are required relies on the present condition of innovation. 

  2. Generation work clarify the relationship between element info and yield under given techno* logy. In the expressions of Lipsy, "This (generation capacity) is an innovative connection appearing, for a given condition of mechanical learning, what amount can be delivered with given measure of contribution." as it were, creation work discloses as to for expanding the yield, in which extent different sources of info or variables might be utilized under given mechanical conditions. To put it plainly, generation capacity might be characterized as a mechanical relationship that tells the most extreme yield producible from different combina­tions of sources of info. 

  3. It is clear from the above investigation that creation work clarifies the physical relationship amongst information and yield under given innovation. The expression "input" has been utilized as a part of an extensive way meaning in this way, it incorporates figure and non-consider inputs both in particular work, capital, fuel, crude materials and so on.

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