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Safe Are We Indians

  • To day it creates the impression that, the world is perched on the atomic holocaust set to trigger at whatever time with a straightforward press of a catch. This single sentence clarifies more or less how safe we are today. 

  • This is a misnomer that we are sheltered here and not all that safe over yonder, in the present day situation to be genuine we are not protected anyplace by any stretch of the imagination - yes, anyplace by any means. For instance, some time back, it was felt that it was not sheltered to work in the military or the police. 

  • This was thought so since it was felt and properly so that, there was in these administrations a looming peril of death at the war front. This conviction does not hold great in nowadays for, there is no undeniable occupation or calling which keeps an individual totally protected. 

  • Today, the circumstance is that, regardless of where we work the dread of a revolt, a disobedience, a shoot out is continually lingering palpably. To such an extent that, at this crossroads even the instructive foundations, which were once, considered asylums of wellbeing and goodness witness adventures of hooliganism killings and murder. 

  • On top of everything, the delegated magnificence of to-day's wellbeing standards/benchmarks is the nonstop dread of fear monger assaults at whatever time and anyplace. At transport stops, at railroad stations, at air terminals, in business sectors, in workplaces and even at home we are not sheltered - the threat of some decimation of man or material is continually posing a potential threat coming soon. 

  • You go for amusement to a film corridor, go for a walk, go for shopping, you can be held up for no blame of yours - who is sheltered and where is a question that challenges all answers other than the enemy of hooliganism the infection of debasement adds to the risky and charged environment. 

  • We might sit in a silver screen corridor and getting a charge out of the most recent motion picture of our most loved stars, and here come wild blazes of flame and gobble us up - all on the grounds that the degenerate component did not take into account the security standards of the film lobby. 

  • We may even be sitting comfortably at home and crunching a few treats when, with a noisy crash comes the rooftop slamming, and inside minutes life appears to have changed. We might be out and about easily situated on the rearward sitting arrangement of a limousine when, a truck hits the limousine and inside seconds all is over. 

  • With this blended situation, through the whole ambit of man's developments, it is obvious that, today man is not in any way safe anyplace and whenever. The overbearing of the general population who matter the indiscipline and debasement wild in every single circle of life, makes life completely hazardous and erratic, open to death and catastrophe at each minute and each turn. 

  • How we live, what we do, what we eat, what we drink are presently all things to be addressed and all that render life for all time on a razor's edge. Other than the savagery and indiscipline there is the road of making and offering spurious medications, spurious drugs, defiled nourishments, and beverages all things considered make life loaded with threats of various kinds, and completely risky. 

  • Along these lines, in this completely dangerous environment man has, as I see it, to leave all to his destiny. Whether he carries on with a sound life, whether he inhabits all, and passes on - it is all in the present day ethos, character and direct which in a solitary word are simply dishonorable. 

  • Man has boiled down to such a low level of conduct that, life is most dubious and hazardous. At the present crossroads I feel that no one but God can spare humankind/for, man has attempted and keeps on attempting all approaches to wreck humankind.

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