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Scientific Management by Taylor

  1. Fredrick Winslow Taylor ( Walk 20, 1856 - Walk 21, 1915) ordinarily known as 'Father of Logical Administration' began his profession as an administrator and rose to the position of boss architect. He led different investigations amid this procedure which shapes the premise of logical administration. It infers use of logical standards for examining and recognizing administration issues. 

  2. As per Taylor, "Logical Administration is a craft of knowing precisely what you need your men to do and seeing that they do it in the best and least expensive way". In Taylors see, if a work is investigated logically it will be conceivable to discover one most ideal approach to do it. 

  3. Thus logical administration is an astute, sorted out, double approach towards the employment of administration against hit or miss or General guideline. 

  4. As indicated by Drucker, "The cost of logical administration is the sorted out investigation of work, the examination of work into easiest component and deliberate administration of specialist's execution of every component

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