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Selfish Quotes Status-2018

    •  You Can’t Fix Yourself By !!Breaking Someone Else.

    • 22) Do Me A Favour And Be Honest With Me. That’s All.

    • 23) !!!Sometimes You Have To Be Selfish To Be !!Selfless.

    • 24) As A Receiver, You Are Naturally A Selfish Player.

    • 25) I’M Selfish, I Want You To Myself, I Can’t Help It@@@

    • 26) Relationships Aren’t Designed For Selfish Individuals.

    • 27) The Most Fatality In Human Nature Is Greedy And Selfish.

    • 28) Do Not Allow The Energy Of Negative People To Affect You.

    • 29) !You Can’t Do Big Things If You’re Distracted By Small Things!!

    • 30) People Aren’t Out To Get You, They’re Just Out For Themselves@
    • 31) I Don’t Want To Sound Selfish, But I’M Tired Of Sitting Around.

    • 32) Some People Create Their Own Storm, Then Get Upset When It Rains.

    • 33) Don’t Ask Me To Do Something For You That You Wouldn’t Do For Me.

    • 34) I’M Only Responsible For What I Say, Not For What You Understand. ( Selfish Quotes )

    • 35) I’M Slowly Learning Not To Let My Happiness Depend On Other People.

    • 36) Oh, I’M Sorry. I Forgot I Only Exist To You When You Need Something.

    • 37) The Hard Thing Is, You Try To Hello Them But Still You’re The Bad One.

    • 38) Nowadays People Know The Price Of Everything And The Value Of Nothing.

    • 39) Obstacles Are Designed To Make You Stronger, Only The Weak Avoid Them.

    • 40) Judging A Person Does Not Define Who They Are, It Defines Who You Are.

    • 41) Sometimes It’s Not The People Who Change, It’s The Mast That Falls Off.

    • 42) Sometimes It’s Not The People Who Change, It’s The Mask That Falls Off.

    • 43) Wen You Say “Yes” To Others, Make Sure You Are Not Saying “No” To Yourself.

    • 44) You See A Person’s True Colours When You Are No Longer Beneficial To Their Life.

    • 45) !!!Love Is What Is Left In A Relationship !!!After All The Selfishness Is Taken Out. 

    • 46) Don’t Blame People For Disappointing !!!You. Blame Yourself For Expecting Too Much.

    • 47) Something’s You Just Have To Do For !!Yourself, Not Being Selfish Just Productive.

    • 48) What You Think Of Yourself Is!! Much More Important Than What People Think Of You.

    • 49) Call Me Greedy, Call Me Selfish, But I Don’t Want Anyone Else To Hold Your Hand.

    • 50) You Knew Damn Well What You Were Doing. You Knew Damn Well Who You Were Breaking.
    • 51) I Like My Lovers Selfish. Do You Know How Sexy It Is When Someone Only Wants You~~~

    • 52) There’s Something Wrong With Your Character If Opportunity Controls Yours Loyalty.

    • 53) “I’M Happy For You!” Is The Hardest Lie To Tell When Your Old Love Found Someone New~~~

    • 54) I Don’t Know The Key To Success, !!!But The Key To Failure Is Trying To Please Everybody.

    • 55) I Hate Two Faced People, !!!It Makes It Harder For Me To Decide Which Side To Slap First!!!.

    • 56) !!!The!! Real Thing About This World Is Everyone Is Selfish, The Difference Is Who Is Less.

    • 57) Be Proud Of All The “Scars” In Your Life. !!Each One Holds A Lifetime’s Worth Of Lesson!!!.

    • 58) The Real Thing About This !World Is !Everyone! Is Selfish, The Difference Is Who Is Less.

    • 59) People Never !Remember! The Million Times You’ve Helped Them, Only The One Time You Don’t.

    • 60) I! Miss You But I’M Not Going To Text You First, Because I Want To See If You Miss Me More.

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