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sleepless summer nights

  • Air was still, night starry with the moon sending shiny dashes of light. Sweat was streaming along my body as an I lay there in the patio tallying stars. 

  • I was all uneasy and exasperates. The murmuring of mosquitoes in my ears added to my disturbance. They were occupied with sucking blood. The night guardian went ahead consistent rounds. He would blast his stick hard and wake me up. How might I be relied upon to rest in such conditions. 

  • I felt that my blood was bubbling. It was in reality extremely hot. moved about in my informal lodging to take my shirt off. No sooner had I done this the mosquitoes assaulted me and penetrated their sharp needles savagely in my body. This was getting to be loathsome and no more extended tolerable. The road puppies were up to their tricks meandering here and there bringing on unsettling influence. I got up from my informal lodging the lanes. All appeared to be sleeping with the exception of me. 

  • I was seriously suffer­ing from the stings of summer. Each time I hopped to my bed with the choice to go off to rest yet I fizzled. Time was going at snail's pace I alternated in my bed. I sprinkled water over it however it appeared to change into stream burningly affecting my body. With an exertion I shut my eyes yet something terrified me to open my eyes. The apparitions is by all accounts leaving the obscurity of the night. I couldn't awaken my sisters and siblings since I expected that they would giggle at me. I felt like Old Sailor who saw his companions lying dead on the deck and bore the depression and disappointment. How could I wish for the sunrise ! 

  • As I was drained I had a short rest, half conscious and half snoozing. The fantasy transported me to Sahara and the mosquitoes appeared to be owls drifting round me. I sobbed for water ; my blood appeared to be coagulated, my lips were dry and my heart was palpitating quick. I asked and asked and spoke to Christ and a holy messenger offered me water yet as I took it my mouth appeared to be loaded with sand. This happened amid a hole of scarcely one moment. As i opened my eyes I ended up on the ground licking dust. 

  • Rest is a medicine and restlessness is the most exceedingly awful discipline, restlessness bring terrible figures before you and it turn into a pro­blem to breathe easy. "Tick" "Tick" the clock denoted the progression of time and each "tick" brought me close treasured day break.

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